Sell My Rolex

There are many reasons why people want to sell their Rolex watch. A quick search for SELL MY ROLEX will give you a perspective on the number of options available to sell a Rolex watch. Many people recommend posting a message on social media or in watch forums like WatchUSeek or Rolex Forums if you want to sell your Rolex watch for the most amount of money. However, in my view, this is not the best option. You can indeed sell your Rolex this way, but there is a better option to sell your watch safely for a fair amount. Let's review your options to sell your Rolex.

Sell My Rolex
Where Can I Sell My Rolex Watch?

Where Can I Sell My Rolex Watch?

When you want to sell your Rolex watch, there are basically three options:

  1. To sell to a watch dealer
  2. To sell your watch to a friend
  3. To sell your watch privately

Best Place To Sell My Rolex

When you are thinking of selling your Rolex for cash, three options are available. Each option has pros and cons. Selling your Rolex to a professional dealer: It is safer and fast, but you will not get the best price for your watch because of commission and taxes. Selling your watch directly: It's risky because you deal with somebody you don't know and therefore can't trust your Rolex. Sell it to a friend: It's the best option for me because it's safer. After all, it's somebody you know and can trust. You can agree on a fair price by checking a reputable second-hand website like chrono24. When selling to a friend, you will save on commission and taxes. Overhaul this is the Best Way to Sell your Rolex.

Sell My Rolex To A Pre-Owned Watch Detailer

Sell My Rolex To A Pre-Owned Watch Detailer

You need to have a general idea about how much your Rolex is worth on the resell market. A website like is a good place to find a price.
A Rolex watch dealer is not going to pay that amount for your watch. First, you need to include his commission. Watch dealers commission is around 10% and then you need to factor taxes.

Let's say that your Rolex watch is worth $10 000 on Now you can take off 10% dealer's commission and 20% taxes. You can expect a Rolex watch dealer to make you an offer from $6500 to $7500 for your pre-own watch worth $10 000. The benefit of selling your watch to a dealer is the fact that the transaction will be fast, and there are no comebacks, no issues with the watch when the deal is done.

Sell My Rolex For Cash

With a reputable Rolex watch dealer, the transaction is more secured, you get your money quickly, and you never hear about the watch. The deal is done and final.

Sell My Rolex Online

Sell My Rolex Online

This is the second option, selling to somebody you don't know. This is a way to get the best price for your watch, but it is the most risky option to sell your watch. If your watch is worth $10 000, that will be your asking price, minus room for negotiation.

Most people will think about eBay, but there are other online platforms to sell your watch privately. Some people use online forums and social media to found potential buyers.

A word of caution, becoming a watch dealer for a day comes with many risks. There are a lot of scammers out there. Professional dealers know how to spot a scammer; it requires knowledge and experience. I'm not a watch dealer, and I will not attempt to sell a watch to a stranger.

The risks involved are not compensated with the extra cash you can make by selling your watch a somebody you meet online in a forum. There are videos on Youtube on how not to get caught by to watch scammers. If you are not an experienced watch dealer, my recommendation is not to sell your watch privately because there's a very good chance that you'll end up with nothing.

Sell My Rolex To A Friend (or Colleague)

Sell My Rolex To A Friend (or Colleague)

Selling to a person you know and trust is a good option; in my option, this is the best solution to sell your Rolex watch. Someone that's perhaps admired your watch from afar whilst you've been in ownership of the watch.

You can let your friends know that you are selling your watch and see if there is an interest to buy it from you. You can ask for a fair price closer to the second hand retail price.

If on Chrono24, your watch is worth $10 000 you can offer it at $9000 to your friend. You will get more for your watch and your friend is get a good deal on a Rolex. The financial transaction will be more secure because it's your friend and you trust him. It is also easier for them to buy a pre-own rolex because they trust you. The issue with selling your watch to a friend is that you will always stay connected to the watch. If anything goes wrong with it, you will get a call from your friend expecting you to sort out the issue. 

It's only a matter of time, whether it be a year, a month or five years before your friend ultimately will comeback to you with to tell you that something is wrong with the watch. The dreaded pause follows where they're so kind of hinting that you need to do something about it. When you sell a watch to a friend you never relinquishing your responsibility on that watch.

It's a strange thing, but I have seen it much time. In the worse case scenarios, I have seen friendship strain by such transaction. The best way to avoid this situation is to be clear and upfront with your friend before the transaction. To explain that the watch will need maintenance. Over time, a Rolex watch needs to be serviced, and he will have to send it to an authorized Rolex service centre.

Rolex service is about $800 to $1000, and that the responsibility that comes with owning a Rolex watch.

Trade In: An Alternative To Selling Your Rolex

Trade In: An Alternative To Selling Your Rolex

Many of us want to sell a watch to buy a new Rolex watch. Some authorized dealers will accept trade in on a new Rolex purchase or even a pre-own Rolex. Rather than selling your watch for cash, you can trade in it against the price of a new watch. It worth searching around for a watch retailer that also sell pre-own watches. There are the type of retailers that can offer you a trade in exchange on a Rolex.

Because Rolex retailers earn commissions on the sale of a new Rolex watch, they can give a fairly good price on your watch. Most of them have established relation with certified Rolex watchmakers that can service and restore the watch lustre at an affordable cost. It is worth shopping around by contacting multiple Rolex retailers to see what they can offer you.

Sell My Vintage Rolex

There is not a clear definition of a vintage Rolex watch. Some watch collectors will consider a watch from the '70s to be a vintage Rolex watch, others would say that over 25 years an Rolex become a vintage Rolex watch.

The market for vintage watches has become more popular in recent year. Many people have received old Rolex watches from their father and grandfather. Some are still in working condition other will require repair and servicing. All of them are valuable. If the Rolex watch condition is excellent they could be very valuable watches.

Is Rolex Watch Real Gold?

Is Rolex Watch Real Gold?

Solid 18k gold is the only material used in Rolex gold wristwatches. Rolex wrist watches do not have gold plating. Rolex makes its gold bracelet links, case, bezel, and crown from solid gold instead of gold plating, as many other brands do. Watches made by Rolex are made from real 18ct gold. A Rolex timekeeper contains the most gold in the case and the bracelet.

How Much Is A Real Gold Rolex Watch? Rolex wristwatches with steel and gold two-tone bracelets have approximately 20 grams of gold, depending on the specific model and bracelet set. Solid gold Rolex contain a greater quantity of gold than other Rolex watches. Rolex's President Day-Date 18ct Gold wristwatch has around 99 grams of gold. A Rolex GMT-Master II contains about 150 grams of solid gold. 750 marking on Rolex models refers to the purity of the gold Rolex uses, which is 75%, or 18 Karat Gold.

Their gold is made by themselves. All of Rolex's gold and platinum are made in-house. It has its own foundry. For years, Rolex has worked hard to create gold alloys that do not tarnish or change appearance over time. Rolex has produced consistent alloys by being in complete control of the gold foundry process, such as Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Everose, Rolex's exclusive pink gold alloy. Rolex produces the different types of gold alloys exclusively with 18 ct gold comprised of 750* (thousandths) pure gold mixte with silver and copper.

Is Rolesor Timepiece Real Gold? The Rolex Rolesor is Rolex's term for its half solid 18K gold, half-steel 904L watches. Yellow, pink, and white gold are the colors associated with the trademark Rolesor. The outer links of the bracelet are made of stainless steel 904L, while the center links are made of gold 18k. Aside from the band, the bezel and crown are both made of 18kt gold.

Why Do Men Wear Rolexes?

Why Do Men Wear Rolexes?

When it comes to Rolex wrist watches, trends never matter. Rather, they are the most timeless designs, as appropriate for a boardroom as they are at a cocktail party. The Rolex aesthetic is understated but is always recognisable with unmistakable hallmarks, such as the fluted bezel on many of its models. The majority of people who purchase Rolex watches do so to commemorate a big achievement, preserve the watch's value, or exhibit a specific level of success.

Individuals buy Rolex watches for a variety of reasons. Some simply want a high-end watch, regardless of price, and a Rolex watch is the logical choice. Their models should be a symbol of their accomplishments in life, and nothing beats owning one from the world's most well-known timepiece company. For some people, possessing a high-end Rolex watch denotes professional and personal achievement, therefore this purchase could simply be another rung on the ladder for those who seek such products at all costs.

It's also crucial to recognise that the status a Rolex can bring can be displayed in a variety of ways, depending on your personality. You can experience a feeling of status when you wear a Rolex . Depending on the circles you move in, your timekeeper beneath your shirt cuff may or may not be spotted.

The satisfaction that comes with owning a Rolex model is a personal experience that does not require the approval of others. It doesn't matter if anyone else notices or not, just wearing a Rolex can boost your self-confidence and success. Even having a Rolex watch on their wrist gives them a certain satisfaction. It serves as a daily reminder of whatever your Rolex means to you. Many people, however, are more than happy when someone admires our wristwatch, particularly if it reflects our personality or our accomplishments in some way.

Why buy A Rolex at a Rolex boutique? There is no way for authorized dealers to raise the MRRP price of Rolex watches. (MRRP: Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price) The price listed on the official Rolex website is the price you'll pay at an authorized Rolex dealer. For a new Rolex model, the retail price at Rolex Authorized Dealers (AD) is often the best deal.

How Long Will A Rolex Typically Last?

How Long Will A Rolex Typically Last?

In the majority of cases, a Rolex wrist watch can last a lifetime. Rolex timekeepers are built to last for decades, providing you don't do anything absurd with them, like changing the time and date underwater or dropping them from the top of a skyscraper. Rolex timepieces are accurate mechanical models, so you can expect their precision to last for decades. Rolex recommends servicing your wristwatch every ten years, but you should monitor your timepiece to ensure its accuracy and maximum performance. A certified Rolex watchmaker should be consulted if there is a performance loss.

Rolex wristwatches, when properly maintained and cared for, can last a lifetime, if not more. They are passed down through the centuries and become family heirlooms. Rolex as a company is committed to service and repair their timepieces long after the model is discontinued.

Instead of suggesting that you buy a new Rolex, Rolex Service Centre will repair and service any Rolex from any era. They are constructed to endure a lifetime while keeping accuracy and utility, as well as a timeless design. In a world where cell phones and smart devices have replaced timekeepers, a Rolex can still be worn just for its aesthetic value.

'A Rolex is for life' is not just a marketing headline, but a reality backed up by a network of watchmakers ready to service and maintain the watch for many decades to come.

Can Rolex Service A Watch Fixed By An Independent Watchmaker?

Can Rolex Service A Watch Fixed By An Independent Watchmaker?

In most situations, a Rolex that has been fixed or serviced by an illegal watchmaker will not be serviced by Rolex. Third-party work on a Rolex wristwatch is strictly prohibited under Rolex regulations. In some case, Rolex will service the wristwatch but will charge you for the replacement of all the nongenuine Rolex parts found inside the model. Ultimately, the bill might be quite expensive. If a Rolex has been maintained or repaired outside of the Rolex Service Center, I believe it is best to have it serviced or repaired by a respected watchmaker in the future.

Can Rolex Service Grey Market Models?

According to my investigation and understanding, Rolex will service timepieces purchased on the black market. The grey market is not synonymous with the black market, contrary to common opinion. Genuine Rolex is sold by a grey market merchant who is not a Rolex approved dealer. Fake and stolen Rolex watches are sold on the black market. Rolex will repair or replace any components on a grey market Rolex that is 100 percent authentic.

The Rolex Service begins with an inspection and identification of the watch. Rolex will seize the counterfeit model if it is not legitimate. The Oyster casing will inform a certified Rolex watchmaker that the wrist watch is not a Rolex right away. The falsified movement will be readily visible when the watch is opened. Rolex watchmakers will not be fooled by even the best counterfeit Rolex.

What Makes A Rolex Expensive?

What Makes A Rolex Expensive?

The price of a timepiece is inflated when it reaches legendary status, and demand far outstrips supply, which leads to substantial premiums over the list price. Getting your hands on one becomes virtually impossible. In general, luxury watches are expensive items, and no Rolex timekeeper can ever be considered cheap. There are more expensive Swiss timekeepers on the market, but Rolex is nonetheless expensive. Rolex watches are iconic, tough, and long-lasting, which is why they are so expensive. At the end of the day, you're buying something that you'll be able to keep for a lifetime. Demand has skyrocketed and watches are hard to find at Authorized Dealers (ADs), so it makes sense they are expensive on the pre-owned market.

Because Rolex models are status symbols, they are expensive. In the event that everybody could afford a Rolex, that would simply mean that Rolex would be just another watch and not the best wristwatch on the globe. It is possible for Rolex value to rise over the years. It is impossible to determine if a particular Rolex watch will increase in price based on a formula. A few Rolex timepieces may become more expensive when they become discountinued wristwatches.

It's pointless to think of Rolex as a timepiece. You join an exclusive club for the rest of your life. This is why a Rolex is so costly. Rolex are status symbols disguised as watches. Rolex watches aren't always the most accurate or water-resistant.

Rolex is a quality wrist watch that can become an heirloom. Due to its high demand and short supply, it can even be an investment. Generally, they hold their value nicely. Rolex is said to spend a substantial amount on in-house research and development when creating its timepieces. Manufacturing and assembling timepiece movements in Switzerland is a costly endeavor. There are no Rolex wrist watches produced in China.

Rolex 's in-house movements are dependable as Swiss timekeepers go, but they aren't as attractive as those from other brands.

Rolex is the most famous model brand in the world because of the universal social recognition that comes by owning a Rolex timekeeper. Rolex is a universal symbol of wealth and luxury that you are buying when you buy one. Owning a genuine Rolex watch is like having a permanent gold membership at an exclusive private club. As a member, you are able to compare your Rolexes with those of your peer group.

Will Rolex Service A Pre-owned Watch Without Papers?

Will Rolex Service A Pre-owned Watch Without Papers?

The Rolex can be serviced without papers if it is a genuine model. Many Rolex owners don't have their original Rolex documents. It does not rule out the possibility of having the watch repaired in a Rolex Service Center. The Rolex without papers must be authentic, have not been modified, and not be a stolen model. At Rolex, we will service the timepiece.

Sell Rolex No Papers

There is a green plastic Rolex paper that comes with every new Rolex watch. It looks like a credit card. In the past, it was a paper document; that is why Rolex documents or Rolex papers are commonly used terms. There can be several legitimate reasons why somebody does not have the original papers for their Rolex. Does Rolex service a Rolex without papers? The answer is yes.

Rolex cards are used as identification cards for timepieces. In addition to the model reference, it includes the wrist watch's serial number. Stamped on the card is the name of the Rolex dealer and the purchase date. This card also serves as the Rolex warranty card. Every Rolex watch has just one Rolex timepiece card. Rolex SA will not replace a lost or stolen card.

Rolex will service genuine Rolex that are missing their paperwork. Rolex has a serial number often found on the Oyster Case side. The engraving on the case gives the model and movement reference. The timepiece also includes an individual serial number. It can be identified by its unique serial number as well as track its history.

Rolex can service a Rolex by examining the serial number. They may use this data to figure out when the watch was first registered and how long it has been serviced. Rolex Service Centres have access to the Rolex database to see if the timekeeper has been stolen or lost. Watches that have been reported stolen may be kept.

The watch will be examined to guarantee it is a genuine Rolex. If a watch has been changed or has had work done on it by others, Rolex has the right to deny servicing. If you don't have the original documentation for a Rolex, you'll need to know if it's been adjusted or repaired by an independent watchmaker. You should also be aware of the date and location of the transaction. Documents related to its acquisition may be useful.

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