Rolex Service Costs and Prices for Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Service Costs and Prices for Cosmograph Daytona

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Rolex Daytona Watch In 2021?

You are probably familiar with Rolex Daytona prices if you are already a Rolex owner or have considered buying one. The Rolex Service cost is one of those things Rolex owners should pay attention to. This blog post aims to present a comprehensive and practical answer to the Rolex service cost. You will be informed so that you get a general idea of how much a Rolex service might cost.

A Rolex service aims to make your Rolex Daytona look as flawless as a new Rolex and work in perfect condition.

Summary Of Rolex Daytona Servicing Cost

  • Standard watch service costs $800
  • Average watch service costs $1,200
  • Rolex Daytona watch in poor condition costs $1500+
It is more expensive to do a gold Rolex Daytona watch part replacement than it is to do the same for a stainless steel Rolex Daytona

It is more expensive to do a gold Rolex Daytona part replacement than it is to do the same for a stainless steel Rolex Daytona.

From the cost above, you should have an idea of the bills you'd be getting when you visit a Rolex Service Center with your Rolex Daytona. Use this information for educational purposes and not as an actual quote to service your Rolex Daytona. This website has no affiliations with Rolex SA. Visit the official Rolex website: and contact the Rolex Customer Service to know exactly how much it costs to service your Rolex.

Rolex Daytona Service without papers is possible, but you need to learn about the conditions under which Rolex will service the watch.

Cost Of Servicing Rolex Daytona Watches

Every owner of a Rolex Daytona or who intends to get one has to factor in the cost of Rolex service. Basically, Rolex service in 2021 costs a total of $800, excluding tax. The price for watch servicing may be higher for some people, depending on their work need.

Rolex servicing is a form of watch maintenance operation. None of the cost of repairs is included in a Rolex standard service. For a mindful owner whose watch has been in a perfect state, Rolex servicing should be done in 10-year intervals.

From research done and information obtained from various forums, Rolex servicing for a Rolex Daytona (stainless steel) costs an average of $1,200 (excluding tax).

Careful Daytona watch owner will pay less for service a Rolex

The Rolex service cost will be approximately $800 for a mindful owner of a Rolex Daytona. On the other hand, a reckless owner will spend $1500 or more.

Hence, on average, the Rolex Service cost is between $800 and $1500, depending on how mindful you are with your Rolex. Note that this is for a watch that needs to be serviced and not for a Rolex Daytona that is damaged and needs to be repaired.

For a Rolex Daytona that doesn't run fast enough but is in relatively good condition, the Rolex service is just about $800. The standard Rolex service includes setting the time accuracy and recalibration.

For a water-damaged Rolex Daytona that moves inconsistently, repairs and replacement of parts are most likely needed. This will cost more than $800 as the Rolex service cost will also include parts replacement costs.

Official Rolex parts replacements and watch repair

Your Rolex service cost can easily skyrocket due to the cost of parts replacement. Genuine Rolex parts do not come cheap, especially gold Rolex Daytona parts.

It shouldn't be a surprise that replacing the bracelet link on Gold Daytona is expensive compared to replacing the same for a stainless steel Rolex Daytona. A general principle, the higher the price of your Rolex Daytona, the higher the service cost of your Rolex will be. This is because of the price of spare parts, and not because of the actual service, which costs the same for different watches.

Authorized Rolex service centers offer Rolex service at high prices. Watch servicing for some watch brands are way cheaper. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed a first-class service for your money's worth.

A Rolex service always returns your watch next to brand new. It will be spotless on the exterior, while the movement also works in perfect condition, guaranteed to last for many more years.

Reasons Why A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Needs To Be Service

The Rolex Daytona is one of my favorites watches, so I can understand why Rolex Daytona fans are so passionate about their watches. Rolex is the only watchmaker that can truly claim to be the greatest watch manufacturer in the world. The watch may seem like it can withstand just about anything.

Watch owners who have owned Rolex timepieces for years are proud to state that their watches have never had to be serviced. In truth, they are unaware of the state of their Rolex Daytona. It's impossible to know the condition of a Rolex watch if it hasn't been examined and serviced. A problem with the movement of the watch is possible.

It is still necessary to maintain Rolex Daytona watches, even with the robustness and reliability of the watches. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the amount of wear the watch receives. Increasing wear and tear on a watch occurs when dust and residue are present inside it. Many people wearing Rolexes are unaware that it causes a loss of accuracy unless they pay attention. Handling and water exposure are big factors in the longevity of a watch. It is common for Rolex owners to believe that their watches will last forever without service.

Daytona Watches Holding their worth

It is impossible to imagine a Rolex Daytona that is more iconic or timeless. Despite the passage of time, the original piece still possesses class and style. People often bid on used Rolexes on the second-hand market.

It is more valuable when the Rolex Daytona is in excellent condition. The original Rolex Daytona papers and its box, along with its service history at a Rolex Service Centre, can fetch the most money on the used market. An excellent service record and a good condition will result in a higher price for a Rolex Daytona.

Daytona watches pre-own value

When it comes to pre-owned Rolex Daytonas, old watches that haven't been serviced or opened are like watches that haven't been diagnosed. I personally cannot imagine buying a pre-owned Rolex Daytona that has never been serviced. When purchasing a watch without knowing its history and usage, you are taking a chance, so it might be best to stay away from it. The most reliable way to determine the condition of a Rolex Daytona is to have it examined by a professional Rolex watchmaker.

It's not uncommon for Rolex Daytona movements to appear rusted from the outside. It is possible that the watch has been subjected to premature wear and tear due to water damage or lack of lubrication. Even a functioning Daytona movement does not mean the movement is in good shape, since rust does not affect it instantly, but can only be spotted over time. It is generally informative to review the service history. An owner's love of Rolex is evident by this.

Having a Rolex service history ensures that the mainspring and balance wheel, along with the gasket and other metal wearable parts, are in excellent condition.

Daytona Cosmograph watch water resistance

A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch is guaranteed to be waterproof to 100 meters/330 feet. Each Rolex watch is individually inspected and tested in the factory laboratory prior to being shipped to Rolex authorized dealers. Having recently been fitted with brand new gaskets and crown, the watch is in excellent condition when it's tested for water resistance.

The waterproofing in Rolex watches doesn't last forever, which many users are unaware of. Due to a lack of proper rinsing, the watch's water resistance can weaken over time, allowing salt and sand to gain access. The need for regular maintenance may not be easily seen. Due to the absence of flashing warning lights such as dashboards and squealing brakes, a service has to be performed before a problem arises.

Rolex owners should be aware that years of wearing the Daytona watch may go by without a problem, but one day moisture might appear under the crystal after taking a dip in the sea. When swimming with a Rolex Daytona, it is important to care for the watch properly and follow Rolex instructions.

Rolex Daytona Longevity

The Rolex Daytona is a watch that you will cherish for the rest of your life. A watch often holds a special meaning for its owner; it represents a special moment or memory. The Rolex Daytona should be serviced on a regular basis so you can enjoy it for a long time. If you get your Rolex watch back in almost new condition after servicing, your investment will have been well worth it. Rolex Daytona owners should take good care of their watches, as service costs are influenced by how much work is needed to restore the watch.

Rolex Daytona Service Intervals

Rolex Daytona owners ask how often they should service their watches. Rolex Daytona watches are expensive, and you want to make sure they will last as long as possible. My goal in answering this question is to provide you with a detailed explanation of how and when to service your Rolex Daytona.

Rolex Daytona watches are supposed to be serviced every ten years, but...

According to Rolex, every 10 years is the recommendation, but this is a very generic answer and fails to account for particular circumstances. The answer is one size fits all. In addition, many people overlook the part where Rolex added 'depending on the model and real-life use.'

When you need to service a Rolex Daytona depends on how you use it. Rolex Daytonas are worn differently by different Rolex owners. Some Rolex owners wear the same Rolex every day; others rotate a handful of them on a daily basis. Rolex Daytona owners may take their watches to the beach and swim in the ocean with them; others will only wear their watches while at work.

When you are looking for help knowing when your Rolex Daytona will need to be serviced, a general statement made by Rolex SA is not helpful.

How Often Should Your Rolex Daytona Be Serviced?

Your Rolex Daytona service schedule depends on the following:

  • Rolex Daytona's current condition
  • What you are doing with your Rolex watch

The Rolex Daytona watch that is regularly immersed in saltwater will require more maintenance and care than one that is never submerged. Rolex Daytonas, regardless of use, should be serviced every 10 years because the lubricants in their movements may need replenishing and the gaskets may need replacing.

Rolex Daytona servicing may need to be done more frequently in certain special circumstances

  • Seawater submerged Rolex Cosmograph Daytona require more supervision and attention. It is important to test the water resistance regularly.
  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches worn in dusty environments with high levels of Silica dust (sand, mortar, and some varieties of concrete), non-silica dust (cement, plasterboard, and some types of stone), or wood dust.
  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona worn during sports with a high degree of impact (HIS), such as baseball, basketball, football, handball, hockey, karate, soccer, water skiing, etc.

In these situations, a Rolex Daytona comes into contact with elements or impacts that damage the watch. In order to keep track of the watch's condition and functionality, you need to pay attention to it. Professional watchmakers should be consulted if the Rolex Daytona is showing signs of malfunction. It will be determined whether the watch needs servicing during the assessment.

What Is Not Included In The Standard Rolex Service Costs?

There are elements of the Rolex service that are not included in the basic Rolex service cost, but they can be added as an extra service. Elements that are not directly affecting the Rolex Daytona functions and tend to be related to the watch aesthetic.

Damaged Rolex Daytona Bracelets and Links

Rolex will repair bracelets and links, but it will be an extra cost. The additional cost varies depending on the Daytona bracelet, with a gold link will be more expensive to replace than stainless steel link. Before doing the work, Rolex will send you a quote for you to approve.

Damaged Rolex Daytona Crystal

Rolex will replace a damaged crystal, but it will add to the final Rolex service bill. If the crystal is only scratched, Rolex will give you the option to replace it or not. If the crystal cracked or smashed, it is considered a mandatory repair that you need to pay extra for.

Rolex Daytona Dial Restoration

A faded or damaged dial can be repaired at a Rolex Service Centre. The restoration will be an additional charge on the service. It is during the assessment that Rolex watchmakers will determine if the restoration in optional or necessary.

Rolex Daytona Watch Missuses

If the watch has been damaged because of misuses, the repair costs will be an extra on the Rolex Service. If the watch has been water damaged because of the user negligence, the basic Rolex service cost will not include the repairs.

If your Rolex Daytona has been repaired or service by an unauthorized watchmaker and generic parts has been added, Rolex can refuse to service the watch, unless all the non-Rolex parts are being replaced at that time. It will add an extra cost to your Rolex service.

No matter if the generic parts are working fine, Rolex will refuse to accept any non-genuine parts inside their Rolex watches.

When Do Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Needs To Be Serviced Right Away?

Rolex Daytona watches need to be serviced for obvious reasons, such as when the watch stops working even though it is fully wound, or when the crystal has been smashed or cracked.

It may be necessary to send a Rolex Daytona to Rolex for service in other circumstances. Owners of Rolex Daytona watches need to know if they need immediate service. Otherwise, the watch may sustain more damage and will cost more to repair.

The following are situations in which a Rolex Daytona should be serviced immediately:

The crown or pushers on the Rolex Daytona is rough or gritty

Normaly, the crown on a Rolex Daytona should be smooth and easily adjustable. Rolex Daytona watch crowns that feel rough, grinding, or just different than usual often signal the need for watchmakers to repair Rolex watches.

The crown tube of your Rolex Daytona may be filled with dirt or sand particles. If the Rolex winding crown is grinding, it could do so around the stem or in the movement. For both of these cases, you must contact your nearest Rolex Service Center so that a professional watchmaker can service your Rolex Daytona.

As a temporary solution until the watch can be serviced, I recommend opening the winding crown and pulling it out to stop it from running with grinding elements inside. You should not wear your Rolex Daytona until it has been examined by a Rolex watchmaker. If you have an open Rolex Daytona crown, keep it away from water or humid environments. If you need advice, please contact Rolex customer service.

The crystal of the Rolex Daytona has condensation

The Rolex Daytona is no longer waterproof when condensation forms on the inside. Rolex Daytona has a leak in its waterproofing, which must be immediately fixed.

Fogging of the watch glasses is possible when light condensation forms on the Daytona glass or condensation leaked inside the watch. If the seal on the Rolex Daytona is compromised even by a minimum amount of condensation, the watch is not waterproof. It is therefore essential to have your Rolex Daytona serviced.

Rolex Daytona with water inside

It is necessary for you to send your Rolex Daytona to a Rolex Service Center immediately if water has penetrated it. In the case of a Rolex Daytona, any type of water will damage the movement; however, saltwater poses the greatest risk.

Whatever the reason, the Rolex Daytona is in need of immediate repair. When the Rolex Daytona is not serviced in a timely manner, the internal damage will increase, as well as the cost of the overhaul Rolex repair. Using DIY methods found on the internet, such as uncooked rise or placing your Rolex Daytona on a heater, will not dry your watch. A Rolex watchmaker is the only one qualified to rescue a Rolex watch with water inside. These methods are not suitable for high-end mechanical watches like the Rolex Daytona.

The Rolex Daytona runs too slowly

Timepieces like the Rolex Daytona are accurate. When worn throughout the day, the watch should not lose more than 2 seconds per day. If you have an inactive day, your wrist movement may not be enough to keep the Rolex Daytona wound. For accurate timekeeping, you can wind the watch manually in that case.

If you do not wear your Rolex Daytona throughout the night, the watch will still run. Rolex service might be needed if a malfunction is causing your Daytona to lose time every day. Manufacturer specifications for the Rolex Daytona state that it should not lose more than 2 seconds per day.

It is usually necessary to cleanse the Rolex Daytona's internals, apply new lubricant and perform a calibration. Due to the fact that it will be opened for servicing, the Rolex Daytona will require a waterproof test, which is standard practice for Rolex watches. Rolex Service Centres or certified Rolex watchmakers can perform these maintenance operations.

Rolex Daytonas that lose time continuously may be an indication of a more serious problem with the movement. When a component is displaced inside, friction will increase, affecting movement. In addition to accelerating wear on the Rolex Daytona movement, increased friction will lead to increased maintenance costs. If your Rolex Daytona is losing time, you should not ignore it.

Rolex Daytona runs too fast

It is an indication that the hairspring balance has lost its accuracy when the Rolex Daytona is running faster than usual and adding more than two seconds per day.

Magnetic fields can affect Rolex watches. There are many appliances that create a magnetic field, and the watch can be magnetized by them. Magnetic fields are shielded by the Daytona, but the sign that the watch has been magnetized is running too fast. During the magnetization process, the coils of the Rolex balance spring begin to stick together, and the watch accelerates.

Small appliances such as transformers for doorbells and electric razors produce higher magnetic fields than larger appliances. Due to the limited iron presence in small appliances, more magnetic energy can escape. If the accuracy of your Rolex Daytona watch is going down, a certified Rolex watchmaker can fix the problem for you. Rolex Daytonas must be serviced by Rolex Service Centers in order to regain accuracy.

What Is Included In Rolex Service Cost?

Rolex's service includes all necessary procedures for the restoration of an original Rolex Daytona's functionality and aesthetics which are detailed by Rolex SA. Most people want to know what's included in the Rolex service costs. Based on what I have gathered, here are the details of Rolex's service.

As part of the Rolex standard service, you will receive:

Rolex Daytona Cleaning

The service includes cleaning both the inside and outside of the watch. This means the Rolex Daytona will be taken apart and each component cleaned separately.

Rolex Daytona Wearable Replacement

Every part of the movement is examined at the Rolex Service Center, and worn out pieces are replaced. The watch hands will be automatically replaced by Rolex, but I need to confirm this. Before the watch is reassembled, the movements will be lubricated.

Rolex Daytona Timing Calibration

To ensure accuracy, the Rolex Daytona movement will be tested and tuned. For their mechanical movement, Rolex strives for accuracy of +2/-2 seconds per day.

Rolex Daytona Polishing

Rolex's Daytona case and bracelet will be repolished to restore their original luster. The service cost is not reduced if the watch is not polished even though some people request that their watch not be polished.

Rolex Daytona Waterproof

The standard Rolex service charges include the replacement of watch gaskets. A test will be conducted to ensure that the watch is waterproof according to the model specifications. A Rolex Service Center does the same type of water resistance testing in their Swiss factory.

Rolex Two Year International Warranty

The service provided by Rolex is covered for two years.  

World Time

Feature Rolex Model

Rolex Daytona 116519LN Black 40mm White Gold

Rolex Daytona 116519LN 40mm Black Dial (2017), Self-Winding Mechanical Movement, White Gold Oyster Case, Water Resistance 100 meters. This Rolex Daytona is made to last and features timeless aesthetics. Rolex Daytona 116519LN was introduced to the market in 2017. Rolex's production of the watch came to a close in 2019.

Rolex Daytona watches are hand made in Switzerland with the utmost care to guarantee superior quality. Rolex Daytona 116519LN watch case is White Gold: The warm shine of Rolex timepieces is created by using 18 karat White Gold that has 75% pure gold blended with copper and silver. The Rolex's White Gold material is extremely resistant, has an dazzling finish once polished, and maintains its high quality appearance. Rolex has its own foundry, which allows it to cast the finest alloys.

The Rolex Oyster water resistance case of Rolex Daytona 116519LN ensures waterproofness up to 10 ATM or 100 Meters / 330 Feet. Rolex makes all of its Oyster cases in-house and puts them through rigorous testing to ensure that they are waterproof. Rolex Daytona 116519LN feature Twinlock winding crown for waterproof protection. With the Twinlock system the screw-down crown is perfectly water-resistant due to two sealed zones, one inside the tube and the other inside the crown.

The Rolex watch is equipped a engraved Tachymetric scale Cerachrom bezel. Cerachrom's bezel insert is scratch-resistant and made of durable, corrosion-resistant ceramic. Rolex wristwatches have dials composed of pure metals that are rigorously analysed and inspected in an in-house lab using cutting-edge technology. In order to get true metallic dial hues like Gloss Black, Rolex dial treatments are crucial. The Rolex Daytona 116519LN's Chromalight dial provides outstanding readability in all lighting settings, especially in the dark. Scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal is used in the construction of Rolex Daytona. Rolex places a premium on quality in all it does.

Model Specifications  
Model Rolex Daytona 116519LN-0022
Case Diameter 40 mm Round
Case Material White Gold
Water Resistance 100 m
Dial Black Gloss, Diamond Indexes
Bezel engraved Tachymetric scale
Calibre Rolex caliber 4130
Movement Type Automatic
Power Reserve 72 Hours
Frequency 28800 vph/bph
Calibre Diameter 30.50 mm
Jewels 44

Model Using Same Caliber

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  • Rolex Daytona White Yellow Gold 40mm ref 116528-0032
  • Rolex Daytona Black Yellow Gold 40mm ref 116518-0073
  • Rolex Daytona Black Yellow Gold 40mm ref 116518LN-0047
  • Rolex Daytona Black Yellow Gold 40mm ref 116518LN-0038
  • Rolex Daytona Pink Everose Gold 40mm ref 116505-0001
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  • Rolex Daytona White Yellow Gold 40mm ref 116528-0034
  • Rolex Daytona Champagne Yellow Gold 40mm ref 116508-0006

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