What Does A Rolex Explorer II Service Include?

What Does A Rolex Explorer II Service Include?

What Does A Rolex Servicing Involve?

Before splashing out on a Rolex Service, found out about Rolex Explorer Service Cost , Also, Rolex owners are interested in finding out what is included in the standard Rolex servicing charge. What I've learned about the Rolex service is as follows.

Rolex Service Centers 'cover all required operations to repair the Rolex Explorer II performance and looks,' according to the Rolex SA.

The following is included in the cost of a Rolex basic service:

A Rolex Explorer II will be deep cleaned

An ultrasonic cleaner is used to deep clean the Rolex Explorer II watch on both the inside and outside. This implies that the Rolex Explorer II components will be removed and cleaned separately. Any residue or dust particles will be washed away.

Rolex Explorer II includes wearable parts that will be replaced

Every component of the movement will be inspected and replaced by the Rolex Service Center if necessary. Wearable components on Rolex Explorer II watches need to be replaced over time. Furthermore, I've heard that Rolex Service Centers will automatically replace the Rolex's hands. However, this hasn't been confirmed. Finally, lubricants will be put to the Rolex Explorer II's watch mechanism before it is reassembled.

Watches time-calibration

The Rolex Explorer II will be calibrated using electrical technology to ensure that it keeps precise time. The Rolex Explorer II movement will be fine-tuned and accurate to Rolex specifications. The accuracy criteria for Rolex Explorer II movement is +2/-2 seconds each day.

Watches are polished

The Rolex Explorer II's case and bracelet will be restored to its former glory. Some Rolex Explorer II owners prefer not to have their watches polished, despite the fact that it will not reduce the cost of service.

Watch gaskets are replaced as part of the standard service cost

The waterproofing of the Rolex Explorer II will also be tested to confirm that it fits the model's water resistance requirements. The water resistance tests are the same as in Rolex's Swiss factory.

A two-year servicing warranty is provided by Rolex

Rolex SA guarantees Rolex Service Center work on the Rolex Explorer II for two years. As a result, all repairs completed during the Rolex Service come with a two-year international guarantee.

Does Rolex Offer A Warranty For The Explorer II Bezel?

Any Rolex watch with a defective bezel is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, but misuse of the bezel won't be.

Rolex Service Center's watch services can replace Rolex Explorer II bezels that have been damaged or scratched. New Rolex Explorer II parts will be used to repair the watch. Replacements are subject to an additional charge by Rolex. Rolex Service Centre will inform you prior to beginning any work. Rolex typically replaces damaged bezels, rather than attempting to restore them. On a modern Rolex Explorer II, replacement of the bezel is usually recommended.

An old Rolex Explorer II's bezel

A Rolex Explorer II's bezel is one of the most valuable components in a vintage watch. Rather than a replacement, you should restore your vintage bezel. A Rolex Service Centre replaces parts rather than restores them.

In terms of service, the goal is to return both the functionality and aesthetics of the watch. It is not Rolex's concern what Rolex Explorer II values are on the second-hand collector market. You may face this issue if you possess a collectible vintage Rolex Explorer II.  Consider the pre-owned collectors market value of your vintage Rolex Explorer II before going to a Rolex Service Center.

Is Rolex's Service For Explorer Iis Covered By Their Warranty?

Service costs for Rolex Explorer II watches are not covered by the Rolex warranty. Rolex guarantees its Explorer II watches to work properly for five years following purchase. Rolex Explorer II service costs need to be taken into consideration when purchasing one.

There is no coverage for normal wear and tear, and only manufacturing defects are covered by Rolex's warranty. In light of the normal wear and tear that occurs over the course of everyday use, Rolex service restores your Rolex Explorer II to its original aesthetics and functionality. Due to this, Rolex does not cover the cost of servicing your Rolex Explorer II.

Rolex will pay for the repair of a Rolex Explorer II that has a manufacturing defect. Due to Rolex SA's commitment to quality control, factory defects are extremely rare on Rolex Explorer IIs.

Why Does Rolex Explorer II Servicing Cost So Much?

As everyone knows, Rolex Explorer II Service is an expensive watch service. It costs almost twice as much as Omega Watch Service. Some Rolex stainless steel watch cost about as much as Omega watches, and their service is twice as expensive as Omega.

This is due to Rolex's reputation as a high-end brand. The brand has a good reputation, so they can charge more to provide their services since there is such a high demand. In addition, Rolex SA no longer supplies spare parts to independent watchmakers. Increasingly, you will need to go to a Rolex Service Center in order to get your Rolex Explorer II serviced with original parts.

Because of the strict policy of Rolex, other watchmakers are not allowed to service Rolex Explorer II watches. Whenever you visit one of our Rolex Service Centres (RSCs), we will charge you for replacing generic parts with genuine Rolex parts. Rolex guarantees Explorer II watches only if they are serviced by authorized Rolex watchmakers.

A Rolex Explorer II watch's value and price are affected by the work included in its servicing. An authorized Rolex watchmaker will completely disassemble, clean, and reassemble the Rolex Explorer II according to its original factory specifications. All Rolex Explorer II components are meticulously inspected, cleaned, and refurbished. The Rolex Explorer II is checked for accuracy using the same equipment as in the Rolex factory in Switzerland. Expert polishing will restore the original luster of the Rolex Explorer II exteriors. The Rolex Explorer II watches will be completely restored, as well as tested for waterproofness.

Because Rolex Servicing is labor-intensive, it is expensive. Rolex's watchmakers are very qualified, highly-skilled professionals who use top-of-the-line equipment. Rolex is known for its service centers located in cities where they function as mini Rolex factories. They are located in the most expensive parts of the city for the convenience of their customers. At Rolex Service Centers, Rolex Explorer II owners enjoy a high level of expertise and a luxurious experience. All of these factors are reflected in the Rolex Explorer II overhaul service price. 

Keeping a mechanical watch in good condition is a costly proposition. If you are a careful Rolex Explorer II owner, you only need to perform the Rolex Service every ten years only. In terms of Rolex maintenance costs, 10 years' worth of Rolex cost would be about $120 per year. If you are considering a Rolex Explorer II, you should take the cost of service into account. 

The Rolex Explorer II Warranty Does Not Cover Normal Wear And Tear

Explorer IIs are not covered by Rolex's five-year warranty for wear and tear. Bracelets, Oyster cases, and crystal scratch and damaged are not covered by Rolex's guarantee.

Rolex includes polishing scratches and marks in the standard service price. If a Explorer II crystal is scratched, Rolex Service Centres can replace it during watch service. Although Rolex will charge for the operation, it is considered aesthetic and non-essential, so the crystal replacement will optional.

Rolex Explorer II Are Not Covered By Rolex Warranty If They Are Misused

The Rolex Explorer II guidelines outline how the watch should be used. Watches that are misused will not be covered by the Rolex guarantee. Rolex Explorer IIs that are damaged are the responsibility of their owners.

Water damage to a Rolex Explorer II is usually caused by forgetting to screw down the crown, leaving the crown tube open when the watch is submerged. In this instance, the warranty does not apply.

Independent Watchmakers Can Service And Repair Watches, But...

Rolex SA does not allow a third-party company to service, upgrade or modify their watches. If it is done, Rolex Centers may refuse to service the watch. Also, your watch warrantee will be void. The servicing will be cheaper and faster in most cases, but you need to understand the consequences and future implications before you send your watch to an independent watchmaker.

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