How often to service Rolex watch?

How much to service a Rolex watch?

I'm going to give you a rundown on Rolex Servicing costs for a Rolex. At a Rolex Service Center a standard Rolex service will be $1000 for a Rolex. This cost is for a Rolex overhaul service, it does not include any repair cost to fix a broken or damaged Rolex.

I'm not a watchmaker or affiliated with ROLEX SA, and this is not a quotation, but a piece of general information about Rolex watch servicing cost. I'm just a watch enthusiast with multiple watches who need servicing and maintenance from time to time.

If you need to know the exact Rolex cost to service your Rolex, contact Rolex customer service on or visit to find your local Rolex Service Center.

The Rolex servicing cost is broadly the same for all the Rolex, the age of the watch doesn't matter, the servicing cost is generally always the same for older models and new models.

Older Rolex may have more parts needing replacements; therefore, its will have additional replacements cost added the Rolex standard overhaul service cost.

Of course, the watch material impacts the replacement cost; replacing a stainless steel bracelet link will be cheaper than an 18ct Gold bracelet link.

About Rolex watch servicing

A Rolex's ownership includes the need to have your Rolex watch serviced thought out its lifetime. The Rolex service cost share in this post are there to give you a general idea of the cost involve with servicing your Rolex watch .

Rolex watch watch servicing is part of your watch ongoing maintenance.

When I say servicing, that means you take your Rolex watch to a Rolex service centre or an authorized watchmaker to pull it apart, inspect the condition and service the watch.

The benefit is that your Rolex watch will last for decades and might even outlive you, providing you with a valuable and precise timepiece that Rolex watch enthusiast will appreciate in the future.

I will not venture to guess the price of a well serviced and fully working Rolex watch 30 years from now, but it will be a lot more than a poorly maintain Rolex watch .

Rolex watch service procedure

When it's time to have your Rolex wristwatch service, you will need to send or bring it to an authorized Rolex Service Center.

Rolex watch servicing is in 2 stages :

  1. Assements and quotation
  2. Watch overhaul service

After inspecting your Rolex, the Rolex Service Center will issue a receipt, and under the title 'Necessary Service', they list the repairs needed for your Rolex watch.

After getting your Rolex's quote for servicing, you are under no obligations to have your Rolex watch serviced at a Rolex Service Center (RSC). You can decide you got to a third party watch repair company.

The assessments and quotes from an Rolex Service Center will cost around $130 plus taxes.

The standard Rolex service for a Rolex watch is between $1000 and $1200.

If you're going to keep this Rolex Rolex watch forever, it's maybe something you want to do.

Servicing a Rolex watch will ensure that your Rolex watch will continue running fine for many years.

The Rolex Service Center’s watchmaker pull down the actual mechanism inside, the gearing and they pull the key components out, anything that moves within your Rolex watch.

Rolex watchmaker add a tiny amount of oil. Rolex watches are miniature mechanical engine.

Rolex Service Center will lube each critical element of the watch. It will keep the Rolex watch in optimal condition. Rolex service is the guarantee to have a Rolex watch running for a lifetime.

There is specific oil viscosity for all key Rolex components, so it has to be done by a qualified Rolex watchmaker.

If you are taking your Rolex watch to a watch guy who does not know what he is doing, he can actually damage your Rolex watch.

Rolex Service Center will start by checking the watch. It will cost under $150 USD, and it is a day turnaround time if you drop the watch off.

Rolex will examine the Rolex watch. Check the serial number and confirm the authenticity of the watch and its movement.

The Rolex Service Center will then assess the condition of the Rolex watch and quote the work that needs to be done to restore your Rolex to new-like conditions.

The Rolex's watch assessment is detailed.

The Rolex watchmaker will go through the watch and inspect every detail of the watch mechanism. If the Rolex watch is 'running dry', it means that the watch needs to be serviced.

It will cost depending on taxes about $150 to check and authenticate your Rolex watch at a Rolex Service Center.

At this stage, RSC will give you a receipt for your Rolex watch and a quote for servicing or repairing it.

Rolex Service Center watch authentification

When you send your Rolex watch to a Rolex Service Center for servicing, the first step is the detailed examination of your watch to establish a list of necessary work. Rolex will send you a receipt and a quote for servicing your Rolex watch.

If you don't have the original Rolex papers or the warranty card to authenticate your Rolex watch, this receipt and quote from a Rolex Service Center is a kind of authentification document.

Rolex SA will not service a replica or counterfeited Rolex watch.

Rolex watchmakers have open and examine your Rolex watch in full to evaluate the conditions and need for servicing. Rolex Service Center are the best to spot a fake Rolex watch.

If your Rolex has been tempered and some parts have been replaced by generic watch parts, a Rolex Service centre will be able to notice it.

The Rolex quote will include the replacement cost for any generic parts found in your Rolex watch.

The fact that the Rolex Service Center is returning a quote for servicing your Rolex watch watch is a confirmation that your watch is an 100% authentic Rolex.

For most second-hand Rolex buyers, a receipt and service quote for an Rolex Service Center is often enough to prove that your watch is an authentic Rolex watch.

This can be useful for sellers that don't have the original Rolex papers.

Rolex servicing cost

When you take your Rolex watch for overhaul service, it will be dismantled at the Rolex Service Center. All the components will be lubed up.

Rolex Service Center will return your watch also most as a brand new watch. The work is quite amazing, but it's expensive.

A well-cared-for Rolex watch will only require a standard Rolex service costing between $1000 to $1200 only every five years.

Rolex overhaul service includes replacing the Rolex watch watch hands. Rolex Service Center does not put back on the old hands. The watch hands are automatically replaced with new ones.

It's a reason why Rolex service is quite expensive.

Here is the cost of my last Rolex watch service :

  • $130 Rolex assessments and quote
  • $790 Rolex overhaul service
  • $120 Rolex hands replacement

Rolex service final cost $1040

So you can see a Rolex watch servicing is generally going to cost around the thousand dollar mark. This cost does not include any extra fees if there is something wrong with the watch.

Why Rolex Servicing is so expensive?

Rolex service is expensive because a Rolex watch has precision mechanical movements requiring both extensive knowledge and specialized equipment to properly service. That's why you need your Rolex serviced done by an experienced professional, and the watchmaker's expertise has a cost.

Although some may compare servicing a Rolex watch to changing the oil in your car, there is a lot more to it.

There is more to it than squeezing a few drops of oil into that Rolex Perpetual mechanical movement.

Changing the oil in the car can be performed by any random guy with just a few tools, and apart from removing the old oil filter, there is practically no disassembly needed.

A Rolex overhaul service includes dismantling the entire watch and its movements parts, cleaning, reassembling and testing.

The 14 steps of Rolex Watch Servicing

  1. Disassembly of the watch bracelet links and Oyster case
  2. Cleaning of the bracelet links and Oyster case
  3. Disassembly of the watch movement
  4. Cleaning of all the movements parts
  5. Watch components inspections
  6. Replacement of worn-out components
  7. Reassembly of the movements
  8. Lubrication of the movements
  9. Time calibrations and testing
  10. Watch re-casing
  11. Reassembly of the Oyster case and bracelet
  12. Refinishing the case and bracelet
  13. Waterproof testing
  14. Final quality control

Understanding Rolex Service cost quotation

In the quotation, the Rolex Service Center will recommend other none essential repairs, mainly cosmetic restoration.

Let's say your crystal has a small chip in. It's not a must repair, but Rolex Service Center will offer you to replace your watch crystal for an additional fee.

Therefore, your Rolex watch servicing will start around $1000, and it can go up from there depending on the work you want on your Rolex.

Be aware that the Rolex service cost can go from $1000 to $3000 very quickly if you decide to replace faded parts of your Rolex watch.

That is why some Rolex user turns to independent watchmakers for servicing and repairs, to reduce the cost of servicing their Rolex watch.

Independent Rolex Service cost

Independent Rolex Service cost

With your Rolex Service Center quote in hand, you can shop around on the Internet to find a reputable independent that will generally do the work for half the price quoted by Rolex Service Center.

When I say independent, I mean a watch repair company is not authorized by Rolex SA to service or repair Rolex watches.

The independent watch service cost is a lot cheaper that the cost of a Rolex Service Center, but there is a catch.

No more Rolex warranty

If your Rolex watch is open and serviced by an independent watchmaker, you will lose your Rolex warranty.

But if your Rolex watch is no longer under Rolex warranty, it will not affect you.

Non genuine Rolex spare parts

More importantly, Rolex S.A. does not supplier spare part to independent watch repair companies.

if your watch needs replacements parts and independent watchmakers may not be able to get them.

If a non-Rolex spare part in use for repairing your Rolex watch, the watch will lose some of it value on the second-hand market.

Again if you have no plan to resell your watch, the resell value is not a consideration.

Rolex restoration cost

The Rolex watch company does not like those independent watchmakers alter their Rolex watch. They will only do the servicing if the customer pay to get new genuine parts to replace any non authorized alterations.

If you go outside the Rolex authorized service centres, it will be more costly if you want Rolex to service your watch in the future.

If you decided to go with an independent watch repair company, you will have to stay with independent watchmakers for future servicing of your Rolex watch.

The only way to have a Rolex Service Centre servicing your watch in the future is for Rolex's watchmakers to replace all none genuine Rolex parts and replace them with genuine Rolex parts.

The Rolex restoration will cost you a lot of money.

Rolex Customer Service contact number

Australia +61 3 9654 3988
Canada +1 416 968 1100
France +33 1 44 29 01 50
Germany +49 221/ 1650 0
Hong Kong +852 2249 8888
India +91 22 6625 3600
Singapore +65 6737 9033
South Africa +27 11 784 9230
Spain +34 91 426 49 00
Switzerland +41 22 302 22 00
UK +44 20 7024 7300
USA +1 212 758 7700

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