Watch solutions for a Rolex Watch Running Slow

Watch solutions for a Rolex Watch Running Slow

How To Check A Rolex Running Movement Accuracy

On your car dashboard, you have multiple flashing lights which allow you to know when your car is due for service. With a Rolex Oyster, there is no warning light to indicate when you should service the watch.

When a Rolex Oyster malfunctions seriously, most people notice it immediately. However, early warning signs are harder to spot. The sooner you have your Rolex Oyster repaired, the less it will cost to fix it. As a result, it is crucial to spot early signs of trouble. Waiting for your Rolex Oyster to break down before taking it to the Rolex Service Centre will cost you much more money.

It is possible to tell if something is wrong with your Rolex Oyster by performing a simple test. Time accuracy is the objective of the test.

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Why A Rolex Watches Can Be Slow

The Rolex Oyster is a reliable timepiece. Rolex standard operating procedures dictate a maximum variance of 2 seconds per day. A Rolex Oyster chronometer should not gain or lose more than two seconds per day.

Some Rolex Oysters are inaccurate for various reasons, among them:

There has been a significant impact on the Rolex watch

Watches that are dropped or undergo a significant impact can damage Rolex Oyster movements. The movement of a Rolex Oyster does not consist of an electronic quartz crystal; they have many mechanical moving parts:

  • Watches are powered by their mainsprings
  • The balance wheel and hairspring oscillate during a watch's operation to measure time
  • Provides oscillator pulses to the escapement
  • Transmission of power is accomplished by the gear train
  • The hands move on a dial train
  • Also, many other mechanical parts

Each component of the calibre must be positioned precisely for the watch to be accurate. Although Rolex's movement is robust, it can be damaged by violent impact. An inaccurate watch movement is an indication that the watch has been damaged by an impact.

Your Rolex Oyster should be tested for accuracy following an impact for at least 48 hours afterward. It is safe to assume that the impact had no effect on the Rolex Oyster so long as the time remains accurate. It is considered abnormal for a Rolex Oyster watch to lose two seconds or more every 24 hours. What are the ramifications? Rolex Service Centers can check whether the Rolex Oyster is damaged.

Rolex running slower after a water damage

People ask Can I swim with my Rolex Oyster Perpetual? Yes, you can but it also important to know that it is possible for a Rolex Oyster to run slowly after being damaged by water. Water and condensation can leave dirt, sand, and minerals in Rolex Oyster watches. The Rolex Oyster needs to be taken to an authorized Rolex Service Center without delay if it has been soiled with water. Saltwater poses the greatest threat to a Oyster's movement, which can be damaged by any type of water.

No matter what the cause may be, a repair is necessary immediately on the Rolex Oyster. The cost of Rolex Oyster watch repairs will increase if internal problems are not addressed in a timely manner.

The Internet is full of DIY methods to dry a watch, such as using uncooked rise or putting your Rolex Oyster on a heater, both of which won't dry your Rolex Oyster. A high-end mechanical watch like the Rolex Oyster simply cannot be fixed using these DIY methods.

As long as there is moisture or deposits inside the Rolex Oyster, the movement will be slowly damaged. There may be deterioration in the movement of a Rolex Oyster if it runs slowly. Rusting would be the worst case scenario. If a Rolex watch has suffered a water leak, only a Rolex watchmaker can fix it.

You may be aware that the Rolex has been water damage, or condensation has appeared under the glass. The accuracy of the watch doesn't need to be tested. The Rolex Oyster should be sent in to be serviced as soon as possible.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual lack of lubricants

Due to the large number of moving parts on the Rolex Oyster, lubricants are essential to maintain precision and reduce friction. 'Running dry' is the term used by watchmakers when the lubricant level in a watch is too low.

Rolex lubricants typically last between five and ten years, but that is just a general rule of thumb. So, when the Rolex Oyster is purchased, does the time limit begin, or does it begin on the day that it was made? Between the time the Rolex Oyster was manufactured and the time you purchased it, how much time has elapsed? We don't know a lot of things. Keep an open mind about the lubricants lifespan.

The lubricants inside a Rolex Oyster have evaporated when they run dry. Low lubricants should be replenished. The operation is performed by a qualified watchmaker who knows exactly which lubricant to use and where to apply it.

As the lubricant becomes low, the Rolex Oyster will lose a few seconds per day. In proper operating conditions, a Rolex Oyster should not lose more than two seconds per day. It is not normal to lose 15 seconds on your watch in a day. Perhaps the Rolex Oyster movement lacks lubrication.

There could be more to the issue than the Rolex Oyster not keeping time. Low lubrification increases wear and tear on a movement. Because of the friction coefficient, the gears inside will wear out faster.

Testing the accuracy of your Rolex Oyster is a fantastic way to confirm that everything is in working order.

Put Your Rolex Oyster Accuracy To The Test

Is your Rolex Oyster accurate within +2/-2 seconds per day? It's important to know because it could indicate that something more serious is happening to your Rolex Oyster.

Here is how you can test the accuracy of your Rolex Oyster. Every 24 hours, the Rolex Oyster time is checked as part of the test.

The accuracy requirement for the Rolex Oyster is +2 or -2 seconds per day variation.

If the Rolex Oyster was knocked over or dropped on the floor. It's a good idea to run the accuracy test numerous times to check if the impact has harmed the Rolex movement.

To do the test, you will need a smartphone and a fully wind Rolex Oyster. The watch must be completely wound to get the correct results.

To begin, double-check that your Rolex Oyster is fully wound and ready to wear. Unscrew and pull out the crown to wind the Rolex Oyster, then wind it 40 times clockwise.

Use your smartphone or a desktop clock to set the time on the Rolex Oyster.

The Rolex Oyster is then started by pushing in the crown and securely fastening it to the watch casing.

Set your phone's alarm to remind you to check the watch's accuracy in 24 hours.

Wear your Rolex Oyster during the day. You are free to remove it at night if you like.

If the Rolex Oyster is working properly, the watch's power reserve will last the entire night. When you wake up, the Rolex Oyster should be running.

During the 24h test, the Rolex Oyster must be worn on an active wrist during the day in order for the rotor to maintain winding the watch. If you have a physically inactive day, you should manually replenish the power reserve using the winding crown. In the evening, wound the movement with the Rolex Oyster crown.

After 24 hours, check the time on the Rolex Oyster to see if it has remained accurate.

Write down the exact time on the Rolex Oyster and the time on your smartphone.

Is Your Rolex Oyster Running Slow? The Results

Compare the time on your smartphone to the time on your Rolex Oyster. If necessary, calculate the time difference in seconds.

Over a 24-hour period, the difference should not be more than 2 seconds quicker or slower.

If the time on the watch and your smartphone are 2 seconds of each other, you may consider the Rolex Oyster accurate within Rolex parameters.

If the Rolex Oyster timepiece has gained or lost more than 2 seconds, repeat the test. If several tests reveal that your Rolex Oyster is not accurate, your watch movement may be malfunctioning.

Rolex Oyster not keeping the time could reveal a more important issue with your Rolex Oyster. In that scenario, you want the watch to be check by a certified Rolex watchmaker. At this point people also ask about Rolex Oyster Perpetual service cost and pricing.

A Rolex Service Center will examine the watch calibration in further detail and locate the source of the problem.

When Your Rolex Oyster Accuracy Need To Be Service

Rolex Service will restore the complete Oyster watch accuracy but will also include a lot more.Rolex SA says the Rolex Service covers all the necessary procedures for restoring the Rolex Oyster's functionality and aesthetics. Rolex offers a wide range of services as part of its standard service charge, including:

Rolex Oyster Cleaning

In this service, the watch is not only cleaned externally but also internally. The components of the Rolex Oyster will be completely disassembled, and every element will be cleaned.

Rolex Oyster Replacement

At the Rolex Service Center, every part of the movement is examined, and worn-out parts are replaced. Some reports have indicated Rolex will automatically change the watch hands, but this still needs to be confirmed. Reassembling the watch will include the addition of lubricant to the movements.

Rolex Oyster Timing Calibration

In order to make sure the Rolex Oyster movement functions properly, a Rolex certified watchmaker will test and calibrate it. Rolex Oyster watches are manufactured with Oyster Perpetual movements and have an accuracy of +2/-2 seconds every day.

Rolex Oyster Polishing

Both the bracelet and case of the Rolex Oyster will be polished back to their original shine. However, some people do not want their watches polished, even if it will not reduce their service costs.

Rolex Oyster Waterproof

Gaskets replacement are included in Rolex service cost. A waterproof test will be conducted on the watch based on its model specifications as well. Rolex Service Centers conduct water resistance tests in the same manner as the Rolex labs in Switzerland.

Rolex Oyster Two Year Warranty

Two years guarantee are provided for Rolex services.  

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