How To Service A Rolex Explorer II With No Paper?

How To Service A Rolex Explorer With No Paper

A genuine Rolex Explorer II without papers will be serviced by Rolex. Countless Rolex watches have lost their original paperwork. A Rolex Service Centre is still able to service the watch. If it's a genuine Rolex, hasn't been changed, and isn't a stolen watch, Rolex will service it without documents.

The Rolex paper that comes with a new Rolex Explorer II watch is the green plastic card. Similar to a credit card, it looks like. Originally this was a paper document, which is why everyone calls it the Rolex document or the Rolex paper. The original papers for a Rolex Explorer II can be lost for a number of legitimate reasons. Is Rolex able to service a Explorer II without papers? Yes, it is.

The Rolex card works similarly to the watch ID card. Model reference and serial number are included. The name of the Rolex dealer is stamped on the card, as well as the date of purchase. The Rolex warranty is included on this card. Just one card has ever been made for each Rolex timepiece. The Rolex SA does not replace cards if they are lost or stolen. Here is another topic you should also read about if you are interested in this topic: when to service Rolex Sky Dweller watch?

A genuine Explorer II with no documentation will be serviced by Rolex. A serial number is commonly found on the Oyster Case side of a Rolex Explorer II timepiece. The number etched on the case serves as a reference to the model and movement. A unique serial number is also included on the watch. It can be identified by its unique serial number as well as track its history. You can read more about Rolex Datejust two tone diamond dial by following the link.

By checking the serial number, Rolex can service a Rolex Explorer II. They will be able to view the date it was registered as well as its service history. The Rolex Service Centre can access the database to determine whether a Rolex Explorer II has been stolen or lost. They may keep the wrist watch if a theft has been reported.

The watch will be examined to check if it is a genuine Rolex Explorer II. A wristwatch that has been modified by third parties or that has had any work done by them can't be serviced by Rolex. When you don't possess the original papers for your Rolex Explorer II, you should find out if the watch has been modified or serviced by an independent watchmaker. Knowing where the item comes from and who previously owned it is useful information. It's possible that documents relating to its purchase will be relevant.

Rolex Explorer Watch Authentication

The Rolex Service Centre will check the serial number of a Rolex Explorer watch before it is serviced. The history of service will also be accessible, including when it was registered.

To learn whether a Rolex Explorer watch has been stolen or lost, a Rolex Service Centre can access a database. In the event that they find out that the watch has been stolen, they might keep it.

In order to determine whether the watch is a genuine Rolex Explorer watch, it will be examined. Watches which have been modified or have been serviced by third parties may not be serviced by Rolex.

You need to know if an independent watchmaker has modified or serviced your Rolex Explorer watch if you don't have the original papers. Similarly, knowing where it was purchased or the previous owners is a good idea. It can be helpful to have any documents relating to its acquisition.

A genuine Rolex Explorer watch without papers that is not modified, or a stolen timepiece, will be serviced by Rolex.

Are Grey Market Rolex Explorer'S Serviced By Rolex Service Centers?

According to my research and the information I have gathered, Rolex will service Rolex watches purchased on the grey market. There is a difference between the black market and the grey market. Genuine Rolex Explorer watches are sold by a grey market dealer who isn't authorized to sell Rolex watches. Black market dealers are responsible for the sale of counterfeit and stolen Rolex watches.

In regards to grey market Rolex Explorer watches, Rolex will service them if they are 100% authentic and have not been modified.

How Often Do I Need To Service Rolex Explorer II?

How Often Do I Need To Service Rolex Explorer II?

Rolex Explorer II watch owners frequently worry how often their timepieces should be serviced. Your Rolex Explorer II is a costly timepiece, and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. The Rolex website indicate every ten years, however this is a broad advice that overlooks unique conditions. Everyone will have a different answer. Moreover, many people overlook the fact that Rolex also added 'depending on the model and real-life use.' Find out more about Rolex Datejust Swiss eta waterproof solid gold here if you are looking specifically for that information.

When you need to service a Rolex Explorer II, it depends on how you use it. There are two categories of Rolex Explorer II owners: those who exclusively wear one Rolex every day and those who rotate many Rolexes on a regular basis. While some owners may wear their Rolex Explorer II to the beach and swim with it in the water, others will only wear it to work. The current subject is indirectly and directly related to the previous one: how long does Rolex last?

If you want to know how often you should have your Rolex Explorer II serviced, you have to consider the following: the current condition of the Rolex Explorer II and how you use the Rolex timepiece. A Rolex timepiece that is routinely submerged in saltwater requires more care and maintenance than a Rolex wristwatch that is never submerged in saltwater. It is recommended that a Rolex Explorer II be serviced at least once every 10 years regardless of conditions, as lubricants need to be replenished and gaskets need to be replaced.

How Long Will Rolex Explorer II Last?

a Rolex Explorer II wrist watch will last a lifetime if it is properly serviced when needed. As long as you do not accidentally adjust the time or date underwater or drop it from the 50th floor, your Rolex wrist watch should last for decades. Rolex watches are accurate mechanical timepieces, and their quality lasts for decades. The Rolex website recommends servicing your model every ten years, but it's a good idea to keep an eye on its accuracy and performs. Rolex watchmakers should be consulted if there is any decline in performance.

Rolex Explorer II timekeepers, when properly maintained and cared for, can last a lifetime and more. They are transferred down through the years as family heirlooms. Company policy at Rolex is to service and repair their timepieces long after the model has been discontinued.

Rather than recommending that you buy a new wrist watch, the Rolex Service Centre will repair and service any Rolex model from any era. These timepieces have a classic look and are built to last a lifetime without losing functionality or accuracy. Even if smart timekeepers and cell phones have replaced watches, a Rolex can still be worn for its aesthetic value.

'A Rolex Explorer II is for life' is not just a marketing headline, but a reality backed up by a network of watchmakers ready to service and maintain the watch for many decades to come.

How Long To Service A Rolex Explorer II Watch?

How Long To Service A Rolex Explorer II Watch?

A common question people have before sending their Rolex Explorer II to a Rolex Service Center is how long it takes for my Rolex to be serviced? Generally, you can expect your Rolex watch to be serviced in six to eight weeks. They generally take 6 to 8 weeks to overhaul a movement completely, including replacing the main spring and all gaskets, reassembling, lubricating, timing, and testing it for waterproofness. The service timeframe also includes full detail polishing and cleaning of the case and band. Since you will probably need to wear another watch during the process of maintaining a Rolex Explorer II, it is important to know how long it takes to service the timekeeper. It usually takes six weeks or more to perform a complete overhaul; depending on the condition of the wrist watch, it can take six to eight weeks.

In order to service your watch, a Rolex-trained watchmaker performs a thorough diagnostic exam. . Sending your Rolex Explorer II by post will require more time between a week and ten working days for it to be received and returned. Therefore, you should expect an average turnaround time of 8 weeks to service your Rolex Explorer II. The turnaround time for Rolex Service Centers to service a Explorer II watch is 6 to 8 weeks when a timekeeper is dropped off. Many Rolex owners say their Rolex Explorer II timekeepers are returned and picked up faster at the Rolex Service Center when dropped off and picked up there. Once you receive an estimate and the associated costs, you need to approve and authorize Rolex to service your Rolex Explorer II immediately. There are often certain terms associated with this topic, such as the black moon Rolex Milgauss.

How Do You Know When To Service Your Rolex Explorer II More Thoroughly?

A Rolex Explorer II wristwatch may require more regular servicing in certain circumstances. Rolex Explorer II are plunged in seawater and must be carefully monitored. Regular examination should be performed on water resistance. The subject is indirectly and directly related to the previous one: why does my Rolex run slow?

Wrist models worn in dusty industrial situations with high amounts of Silica dust - sand, mortar, and some concrete variations - and non-silica dust - cement, plasterboard, and some types of stone - or dust originating from wood or wood byproducts. Follow the link to learn more about very expensive old Rolex Batman.

Sports that involve high impact, such as baseball, basketball, football, handball, hockey, karate, soccer, water skiing, etc., are known as High Impact Sports (HIS).

A Rolex Explorer II is exposed to hazardous materials or impacts in certain scenarios. As a result, you need to keep an eye on the watch's conditions and capabilities. If your Rolex Explorer II stops working, you should visit a skilled watchmaker.

How Is Rolex Explorer II Waterproof Checked Watch?

How Is Rolex Explorer II Waterproof Checked Watch?

The water resistance level of a watch is critical because it will decide where and how you can wear it. The Rolex Explorer II has a 100m(300ft) water resistant rating. The pressures that Rolex Explorer II can withstand while retaining a hermetic seal are used to determine their rating. Watches grow less water resistant as time passes. You can have your watch checked to determine its current water resistance.

Watchmakers utilise two methods to test a wrist watch's water resistance: dry and wet testing.

The Dry Test determines how well a product holds up to water by employing electronic readings within a vacuum chamber. Water resistance is tested with air pressure and electronic sensors only. Although the Dry Vacuum Test is more exact than the Wet Vacuum Test, it is unable to determine the location of the leak on the watch.

Water resistance is traditionally tested by wet testing. Tests are done with both air and water pressure. Hydraulic pump and physical inspection will be used to detect leaks in timekeeper casings. Although less efficient than Dry Testing, the Wet Test can be used to establish the source of the leak.

World Time

Feature Rolex Model

Explorer II 14270 Black 39mm Stainless Steel

Explorer II 14270 39mm Black Dial (2011), Self-Winding Mechanical Movement, Stainless Steel Oyster Case, Water Resistance 100 meters. This Rolex Explorer is made to last and features iconic aesthetics. The first Explorer II 14270 was released in 2011. Rolex's production of the watch came to a close in 2016.

The utmost care is taken during the assembly of every Rolex Explorer watch to ensure extraordinary quality. Explorer II 14270 timepiece case is Stainless Steel: Oystersteel is used by Rolex to create stainless steel watch casings. Oystersteel is a 904L steel created by the Swiss wristwatch company. Oystersteel has an exceptional resistance, a superb finish once polished, and keeps its beauty despite the harshest environments. The company has its own foundry, which allows it to cast advanced alloys.

Explorer II 14270 can be submerged up to 100 Meters (330ft) due to the revolutionary Rolex Oyster water-resistance casing. Each Oyster case is entirely manufactured by Rolex in-house and verified rigorously for waterproofness. The Explorer II 14270 is equipped with a watertight Twinlock crown. Because of two sealed zones, one inside the tube and the other inside the crown, the Twinlock technology ensures that the screw-down crown is completely water-resistant.

Rolex dials are thoroughly tested and only created from the purest metals in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. With Rolex dials, there are no compromises in terms of quality. When it comes to Explorer II 14270 dials, the finish is a predominant factor in achieving pure metallic colors, such as Black shades on the dial. The Explorer II 14270's Chromalight display provides exceptional readability in all lighting settings, especially at night. Sapphire crystal on the Rolex Explorer provide scratch resistance. At every stage of the process, Rolex is dedicated to quality.

Model Specifications  
Model Explorer II 14270-0001
Case Diameter 39 mm Round
Case Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 100 m
Dial Black , Arabic Numerals Indexes
Calibre Rolex caliber 3132
Movement Type Automatic
Power Reserve 48 Hours
Frequency 28800 vph/bph
Calibre Diameter 28.50 mm
Jewels 31

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