How To Service A Rolex Explorer With No Paper

How To Service A Rolex Explorer With No Paper

Is It Possible To Service A Rolex Explorer Without Papers?

Authentic Rolex Explorer watch without papers can be serviced by Rolex. It is common for some Rolex owners to not own the original papers. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Rolex Service Centers will not service the watch. People also ask What Does a Rolex Explorer II Service Include? 

Rolex Paper: What is it?

With a brand new Rolex Explorer watch, Rolex paper is a green plastic card. In appearance, it resembles a credit card. Rolex documents were once paper documents, which is why everyone uses the terms Rolex document or Rolex paper.

Similar to a watch ID card, the Rolex card identifies the watch. There is a reference to the watch's model as well as a serial number. Rolex dealer information and purchase date are stamped on the card. Rolex Explorer's warranty is also contained in this card. Every Rolex Explorer watch has an individual card. Rolex SA will not replace lost or stolen cards. 

The original papers for an Explorer may not be present for several legitimate reasons. What happens if a Rolex Explorer watch is no longer accompanied by their papers? Centers will still be able to service the watch.

In this instance, Rolex will service a true Explorer without papers.

Serial Number of Rolex Explorer

On the Oyster Case side of Rolex Explorer watches are often found serial numbers. There is an engraved number on the case to identify the model and movement. In addition, the serial number for the watch is included. Serial numbers identify the original configuration of a product and provide historial information.

Rolex Explorer Watch Authentication

The Rolex Service Centre will check the serial number of a Rolex Explorer watch before it is serviced. The history of service will also be accessible, including when it was registered.

To learn whether a Rolex Explorer watch has been stolen or lost, a Rolex Service Centre can access a database. In the event that they find out that the watch has been stolen, they might keep it.

In order to determine whether the watch is a genuine Rolex Explorer watch, it will be examined. Watches which have been modified or have been serviced by third parties may not be serviced by Rolex.

You need to know if an independent watchmaker has modified or serviced your Rolex Explorer watch if you don't have the original papers. Similarly, knowing where it was purchased or the previous owners is a good idea. It can be helpful to have any documents relating to its acquisition.

A genuine Rolex Explorer watch without papers that is not modified, or a stolen timepiece, will be serviced by Rolex.

Rolex Procedures For Servicing A Rolex Explorer Watch With No Papers

The same procedure will apply to Rolex Explorer watches without papers as it would for any Rolex Explorer watches purchased from an authorized Rolex Dealer; Rolex Explorer Service Cost will not be affected by this situation.. The following will explain what to expect during a Rolex Service.

1. The Rolex Explorer watch is disassembled

'The bracelet is detached from the watch case. The case is opened and the movement removed. The case is completely disassembled.' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

The Rolex Explorer watch will be disassembled starting with removing the band from the Oyster case, opening the case, and removing the mechanical movement.

2. Rolex Perpetual movement cleaning

'The movement is dismantled and each component is ultrasonically cleaned in a special formulated solution' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

Rolex specially formulated cleaning solutions are used to clean the movement in an ultrasonic machine after it has been disassembled.

This procedure will completely remove any salt, dirt, grease and chemicals, and other residues that have penetrated inside the Rolex watch.

3. Rolex wearable components replacement

'A Rolex watchmaker closely examines each individual component of the movement and identifies which components require replacement. Only genuine replacement parts supplied directly by Rolex Headquarters in Switzerland are used' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

Every element of the Rolex Explorer watch is carefully scrutinized by the watchmaker. A mainspring, for example, is one of the components that needs replacing.

Rolex replaces any old components of your Rolex with new ones. You should be cautious in this situation. During a full service appointment, they will replace any worn or broken parts that could make your Rolex unique and collectible. The modern Rolex series does not use a specific glass manufactured during a specific period. Rolex watchmakers will replace an ageing glass with a new Rolex crystal when it is worn. It will affect how much your Rolex is worth on the collector's market if you do not have the old original component.

Please be as specific as possible when you authorize Rolex to replace element of a old or vintage Rolex Explorer watch.

4. Reassembling of the Rolex Explorer and lubricating the movement.

'Using the most advance lubricants, each functional component of the movement is carefully lubricated to minimise friction and prevent wear. This ensures that the movement of your Rolex timepiece will continue to perform accurately.' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

There are many owners who are misinformed, believing that oiling simply lubricates the movement, and for that reason find that the Rolex service appointment is costly. Understanding the entire process, however, is imperative when it comes to understanding the value of the Rolex Service. Lubrication is a detail and complicated process.

5. Calibration of the Rolex Explorer

'The heart of your Rolex watch movement is its balance wheel, which has a frequency of over 690,000 beats per day. To ensure timekeeping precision, the watchmaker meticulously adjusts the balance wheel and electronically tests its timing accuracy. Your Rolex is then thoroughly tested and carefully observed over a period of several days to verify its performance.' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

There are approximately 690,000 beats every day, so tracking the calibration to make sure it is accurate is imperative. The watchmaker will spent several days monitoring the calibration. Observations are not only of the Rolex Explorer sitting flat, but also sitting on the sidedial, facing down and up. Ensure that the watch is also timed correctly, namely +2/-2 seconds each day, before returning it.

6. Refinishing the Rolex Explorer Case and Bracelet.

'The same keen attention to detail that is devoted to servicing the movement of your Rolex also goes into servicing its case and bracelet. After the initial cleaning, the case and bracelet of your watch are closely examined, and any worn or damaged components replaced with genuine Rolex parts. Your case and bracelet are then expertly refinished and ultrasonically cleaned to restore lustre.' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

When a Rolex Explorer watch is polished, its luster will be restored almost to its original condition. There will be no complete removal of deep scratches, but small scratches will be repaired.

A polished or unpolished Rolex Explorer watch is a matter of personal choice.

Although Rolex service refinishing is a world-class process, some hate the idea of erasing their watch history with it. Some people want to keep their life memories, including scratches and knocks. The choice of whether or not to polish your Rolex depends on your preference. When you begin the Rolex service, you can request that the Rolex Service Centre not polish your Rolex Explorer.

7. Reassembling the Rolex Explorer watch.

'The case is carefully reassembled, and all the seals replaced to guarantee waterproofness' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

Rolex Explorer watch gaskets are wearable components that are automatically replaced when the watch is serviced. Using the same standards as the Rolex factory in Switzerland, Rolex Service Centres will reassemble your Rolex timepiece.

8. Rolex Explorer Waterproof tests

A rigorous testing process ensures the watch case complies with water resistance requirements. Through three tests - a vacuum test, compression test, and condensation test - any amount of leakage could be detected inside the case.

It is harmful for any watch if it gets wet or if it gets dusty. Watches from Rolex have a waterproof casing called the Oyster. The case and gaskets you receive back will be tested in the same manner as the ones factory tested when you purchased the Rolex Explorer.

9. Rolex Final Quality Control

'Rigorous quality checks are carried out at each stage of the servicing process. During the final check, the power reserve, timing accuracy and aesthetic appearance of your watch are verified one last time against manufacturing specifications to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality.' (source: Rolex Service Documentation)

Rolex Services adhere to the same quality control standards as Rolex manufactures in Switzerland.

10. Rolex International Service Warranty

You are covered by a two-year Rolex Service Guarantee after your Rolex has been serviced. A watch is not covered by this guarantee if it is damaged or degraded as a result of an accident or mishandling. In the event that any non-Rolex authorized third party intervenes or adds non-Rolex made parts or accessories, the Service Guarantee will be invalid. Rolex international warranty covers all work completed at a Rolex Service Center.

Are Grey Market Rolex Explorer'S Serviced By Rolex Service Centers?

According to my research and the information I have gathered, Rolex will service Rolex watches purchased on the grey market. There is a difference between the black market and the grey market. Genuine Rolex Explorer watches are sold by a grey market dealer who isn't authorized to sell Rolex watches. Black market dealers are responsible for the sale of counterfeit and stolen Rolex watches.

In regards to grey market Rolex Explorer watches, Rolex will service them if they are 100% authentic and have not been modified.

Does Rolex Service And Repair A Rolex Explorer Modified Or Serviced By An Independent Watchmaker?

In most cases, Rolex will not service a Rolex Explorer watch that has been serviced or repaired by an unauthorized watchmaker. The work done by third parties on Rolex watches violates the company's policy.

Rolex will sometimes service your watch, but you will be charged for the replacement of all non-genuine Rolex parts found inside the Rolex Explorer watch. There is a possibility that the final Rolex service cost will be expensive.

Rolex Explorer that has been serviced or repaired outside Rolex Service Centre should continue to be serviced or repaired by reputable independent watchmakers in the future.

Are Replica Rolex Explorer Watches And Fake Watches Get Maintenance Service By Rolex Service Centers?

Watch identification and examination is the first step of the Rolex Service. The counterfeit Explorer watch will be seized by Rolex Service Centers. Just by examining the Oyster case will tell a certified Rolex watchmaker that the watch is not a Rolex. The fake Rolex watch can be seen to have a counterfeit movement as soon as it is opened. Rolex watchmakers will not be fooled by any counterfeit Rolex Explorer watch. 

World Time

Feature Rolex Model

Rolex Explorer 214270 Black 39mm Stainless Steel

Rolex Explorer 214270 39mm Black Dial (2011), Self-Winding Mechanical Movement, Stainless Steel Oyster Case, Water Resistance 100 meters. This Rolex Explorer is made to last and features iconic aesthetics. The first Rolex Explorer 214270 was released in 2011. Rolex's production of the watch came to a close in 2016.

The utmost care is taken during the assembly of every Rolex Explorer watch to ensure extraordinary quality. Rolex Explorer 214270 timepiece case is Stainless Steel: Oystersteel is used by Rolex to create stainless steel watch casings. Oystersteel is a 904L steel created by the Swiss wristwatch company. Oystersteel has an exceptional resistance, a superb finish once polished, and keeps its beauty despite the harshest environments. The company has its own foundry, which allows it to cast advanced alloys.

Rolex Explorer 214270 can be submerged up to 100 Meters (330ft) due to the revolutionary Rolex Oyster water-resistance casing. Each Oyster case is entirely manufactured by Rolex in-house and verified rigorously for waterproofness. The Rolex Explorer 214270 is equipped with a watertight Twinlock crown. Because of two sealed zones, one inside the tube and the other inside the crown, the Twinlock technology ensures that the screw-down crown is completely water-resistant.

Rolex dials are thoroughly tested and only created from the purest metals in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. With Rolex dials, there are no compromises in terms of quality. When it comes to Rolex Explorer 214270 dials, the finish is a predominant factor in achieving pure metallic colors, such as Black shades on the dial. The Rolex Explorer 214270's Chromalight display provides exceptional readability in all lighting settings, especially at night. Sapphire crystal on the Rolex Explorer provide scratch resistance. At every stage of the process, Rolex is dedicated to quality.

Model Specifications  
Model Rolex Explorer 214270-0001
Case Diameter 39 mm Round
Case Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 100 m
Dial Black , Arabic Numerals Indexes
Calibre Rolex caliber 3132
Movement Type Automatic
Power Reserve 48 Hours
Frequency 28800 vph/bph
Calibre Diameter 28.50 mm
Jewels 31

Model Using Same Caliber

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  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual White Stainless Steel 39mm ref 114300-0004
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  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Grey Stainless Steel 39mm ref 114300-0001
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Purple Stainless Steel 39mm ref 114300-0002
  • Rolex Explorer Black Stainless Steel 39mm ref 214270-0001
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