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Rolex is one of the most popular and well-known watch brand in the world. Rolex is now a symbol of Swiss Made luxury watches.

But did you know that Rolex also has a history of making highly water-resistant watches? They are famous for the quality and durability of their wristwatches.

When buying an expensive Rolex watch, quality and water resistance is important. Not because you are planning to deep dive with your Rolex, but because you don't want your Rolex to be damaged by water getting inside the watch caliber. Rolex watches are expensive, and nobody wants to have them damaged by water.

Rolex Related Questions

Rolex Watches Have A Waterproof Guarantee

A lot of people don't know this, but all modern Rolexes feature a good level of water resistance. Most Rolex have a 100 meters or 330 feet waterproof guarantee. You can swim a Rolex watch with confidence.

The Oyster watch case is designed to protect the watch precision movement from water infiltration. Rolex is suitable for most activities where the watch can be exposed to water. You can shower, have a sauna or dip in a hot tub with a Rolex without worrying. You can swim in the ocean and the sea, but note that 100m water resistance is not suitable for diving. You need at least 200m water resistance for scuba diving. Rolex Submariner collection features a 300m or 1000ft waterproof guarantee for diving.

Rolex Water Resistance History

One of the reasons for Rolex's reputation for water resistance excellence is the Oyster case. Rolex first invented this patented waterproof case in 1926, and a patented system screwed down the bezel, the case back, and the winding crown with its patented system. The Rolex Oyster case is robust and provides an airtight environment that protects the high precision Perpetual movement from water, dust, or pressure.

Rolex watches are known for their high quality and luxurious watches, but Rolex did not start as a luxury brand.

Rolex the first mass-produced waterproof watch named the Rolex Submariner, in 1953. The first Submariner was rated at 100 meters depth, which is the standard rating for most Rolex watches today.

When the Rolex Submariner was launch at 100 metres, water-resistance was a fantastic performance. Today 100 metres water resistance is relatively standard.

Rolex SA has partner with COMEX to improve their watch water resistance to allow them to be used in extreme submersions and down to the depth of 1000 feet, which is a lot deeper than most people will ever need.

Rolex improved water resistance

Over decades, Rolex has improved their watches' water resistance and release models with even greater water resistance. Rolex made a new version of the Submariner with a 300-meter / 1000feet depth rating.

Contemporary timepieces such as Rolex Sea-Dweller come with water resistance up to 300 meters (1000 ft) deep!

Rolex timepieces are water-resistant. They can withstand pressure up to 10 atmospheres (ATM) when worn underwater. You can swim with all Rolex watches (expect the Rolex Cellini). Water will not damage the watch movement.

Rolex is probably the watch company that has invested the most to create waterproof watches. Rolex's partnership with COMEX to develop watches that are strong enough for deepwater exploration. It gives you peace of mind when wearing one on your adventures outside!

Rolex watches are equipped with an Oyster case, providing you with the best protection against the water. The patented crown system within each Rolex timepiece allows for increased water resistance.

Rolex know what it takes to make a good watch that can withstand the harshest conditions.

Rolex Water Resistance Is Expensive

Rolex water resistance is to give you peace of mind when you wear Rolex.

Historically, Rolex was a pioneer of professional diver watches. Today, Rolex is primarily a luxury watch with outstanding quality. People buy Rolex for what they represent, not because the watch is water-resistant.

Cheaper Alternative For Swimming

If you are looking for a watch for swimming, there are cheaper alternatives than using a Rolex. It does not mean you can't swim with a Rolex, but when you understand the risk and cost of taking your Rolex for a dip in the ocean, it's not a smart move.

For less than $500, there are diver watches available on the market that have the same or better water resistance than a Rolex. Why risk a thousand dollars to service and repair a water damaged Rolex when you can get a water-resistant diver watch for less than $500?

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