Rolex Explorer Price 2022

Rolex Explorer Service Cost 2022
What is Rolex Explorer II Price in 2022?

What is Rolex Explorer II Price in 2022?

As a result of examining the different options and prices, I can tell you exactly how much a Rolex EXPLORER II is in 2022. It is impossible to beat the price at an authorized Rolex dealer for a Rolex EXPLORER II watch. Official Rolex dealers cannot raise Rolex prices. Don't believe anyone who offers a discount on a new Rolex EXPLORER II price. In 2022, a stainless steel Rolex EXPLORER II cost $9,500 - How Much Is A Gold Rolex?

It is not the cost of a Rolex EXPLORER II that is the biggest issue, but whether Rolex authorized dealers sell them. Over the last few years, specific Rolex models have been in short supply. At Rolex Authorized Dealers, watches in low supply are usually on a waiting list. Because of this, you may have to wait years before you can purchase a Rolex EXPLORER II. If you want to own a Rolex watch, you must establish a positive, long-term relationship with an authorized Rolex dealer. You can achieve this by making recurring purchases of Rolex watches from the same retailer. It turns out that getting on Rolex's waitlist comes at a price.

Rolex Explorer Price 2022

Models Case Material 2022 AD Prices
ROLEX EXPLORER 124270 Oystersteel $7,200.00
ROLEX EXPLORER 124273 Oystersteel & Yellow Gold $11,150.00
ROLEX EXPLORER II 226570 Oystersteel $9,500.00

What Is Rolex Explorer II Price On The Pre-Owned Market?

There have been people looking for an alternative to obtaining a genuine Rolex EXPLORER II because there is a shortage and a long waitlist at Rolex authorized retailers. Grey market retailers resell genuine new and unused Rolex EXPLORER II watches at a premium price. Rolex EXPLORER II stainless steel watches from unauthorized Rolex retailers cost between $13,400 and $17,900 in 2022. Beneath these price ranges, a Rolex EXPLORER II offer looks suspicious.

If you purchase from an authorized Rolex dealer, you will pay a substantially higher price. Fortunately, you can get your watch very quickly. If you want to proceed, you should choose a well-known and reputable unauthorized dealer who is reputable in your country.

What Is The Price of A Used Rolex Explorer II?

A used Rolex EXPLORER II can be purchased by interested buyers. After being worn and used, the second hand watch will be scored from fair to very good condition. In 2022, a very good condition used stainless steel Rolex EXPLORER II is priced between approximately $13,500 and $17,000.

The watch should come with its box and papers if you purchase it for that price. You should purchase it from an established and reputable Rolex pre-owned dealer in your country to avoid scams.

Rolex's retail price for most of their watches went up in January 2022. Rolex authorized dealers worldwide are seeing increased prices as a result of the new pricing policy. Despite the price increase, Rolex collections did not all see the same increase. The biggest price change primarily affects Rolex's stainless steel watches, which are also known as Oystersteel. Oysteersteel prices on average increased by 8.6%, while gold Rolex prices increased on average by 2.6%. Watch prices have risen by double digits for some Rolex models. Using the Rolex Batman as an example, the price increased by $1,050, representing an 11.1% increase. It is impossible to predict at this point whether or when Rolex SA will raise their prices again.

Average Increase 2021/2022
Oystersteel Watches +8.6%
Rolesor Watches +3.7%
Gold Watches +2.6%

Models 2021/2022 2021/2022
ROLEX EXPLORER 124270 +11.6% +$750
ROLEX EXPLORER II 226570 +11.1% +$950
ROLEX EXPLORER 124273 +3.2% +$350
Feature Rolex Model

Rolex Explorer II 226570 White 42mm Stainless Steel

Rolex Explorer II 226570 42mm White Dial (2021), Automatic Mechanical Movement, Stainless Steel Oyster Case, Water Resistance 100 m. Rolex Explorer II watches are a long-term investment due to their classic aesthetics and high-quality manufacturing. The watch was launched in 2021. The movement of the Explorer II 226570 is a COSC certified chronometer with a accuracy of -2/+2 sec/day.

Rolex Explorer II watches are handcrafted in Switzerland with the utmost care to ensure outstanding quality. Rolex Explorer II 226570 watch case is Stainless Steel: Rolex uses Oystersteel in their Explorer II stainless steel cases. The steel Oystersteel belongs to the 904L family and was created by the watch company. The Oystersteel material is exceptionally durable, has a beautiful finish once polished, and retains its high appearance even in difficult weather. Rolex has its own foundry, allowing it to produce unrivalled alloys.

Rolex Explorer II 226570 can be submerged up to 100 Meters (330ft) because of the revolutionary Rolex Oyster water-resistance casing. Oyster cases are not only made in-house by Rolex, but they are also carefully checked for waterproof ratings. timepieces are submerged in water and then subjected to a pressure that is 10% higher than the level at which water-resistance is certified. The waterproof Twinlock crown is seen on Rolex Explorer II 226570. By covering the tube and crown with two sealed zones, Twinlock Technology offers a completely waterproof screw-down crown.

All Rolex dials are made with the purest metals and carefully inspected in a state-of-the-art laboratory with meticulous attention to quality. The finish of Rolex Explorer II 226570 dials is one of the key components for producing pure metallic shades such as shades of White. Because of the Rolex Explorer II 226570's Chromalight dial, Rolex watches, like the Rolex Explorer II 226570, provide remarkable legibility regardless of ambient light, particularly in the dark. The Rolex Explorer II timepiece is scratch-resistant due to its Sapphire crystal. At the heart of Rolex is a commitment to excellence. As a result of their rigorous standards, Rolex's production capacity is limited, which means that demand for Rolex Explorer II timepieces can sometimes outstrip supply.

Rolex Explore II Prices

Rolex AD $9,500
Pre-Owned New Unworn $15,100 on Average (US Market)
Pre-Owned Very Good Condition From $13,500 (US Market)

Rolex Explorer II Specifications

Model Specifications  
Model 226570
Case Diameter 42 mm Round
Case Material Stainless Steel
Water Resistance 100 m
Dial White , Stick / Dot Indexes
Calibre Rolex caliber 3285
Movement Type Automatic
Power Reserve 70 Hours
Frequency 28800 vph/bph
Calibre Diameter 28.50 mm
Jewels 31

Rolex Explorer II Watch Why So Expensive?

Rolex Explorer II Watch Why So Expensive?

The price of a model is inflated when it reaches legendary status, and demand far outstrips supply, which leads to substantial premiums over the list price. Getting your hands on one becomes virtually impossible. In general, luxury wristwatches are expensive items, and no Rolex wrist watch can ever be considered cheap. However, Rolex Explorer II are not the most expensive Swiss timepieces available. Rolex Explorer II timepieces are iconic, robust, and long-lasting, and this is a major reason they are so expensive. The Rolex Explorer II you buy ultimately will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. In an environment where demand is high and models are hard to find from Authorized Dealers (ADs), it is understandable that second hand watches are expensive.

Because Rolex Explorer II wrist watches are status symbols, they are expensive. In the event that everybody could afford a Rolex Explorer II, that would simply mean that Rolex Explorer II would be just another timepiece and not the best watch on the globe. Rolex Explorer II watches can appreciate in value over time. Nevertheless, it is impossible to predict whether the price of a Rolex Explorer II wrist watch will rise or fall. When Rolex Explorer II wrist watches achieve a hard to find status, they may become more overpriced.

As far as Rolex Explorer II is concerned, it is more than a timepiece. You become a lifetime member of an exclusive club. This is the true worth of a Rolex Explorer II, which is why they are so pricey. As well as being models, Rolex Explorer II 's are status symbols. Let's face it, Rolex Explorer II isn't as precise or water resistant as other brands.

Rolex Explorer II watches are well-made and can be heirlooms. Considering its high demand and short supply, it may even be a worthwhile investment. Values tend to hold rather well for them. Rolex Explorer II wrist watches undergo a lot of development and research in-house, which is thought to be one of the reasons for their high cost of craftsmanship and design. Manufacturing and assembling wrist watch movements in Switzerland is a costly endeavor. Models from Rolex Explorer II are not manufactured in China.

Rolex Explorer II 's in-house calibres as trustworthy as a Swiss timekeeper, but they aren't as attractive as those from other brands.

The fact that a Rolex Explorer II watch is recognized universally makes it the most famous timepiece brand in the world. When you buy a Rolex Explorer II, you are buying this universal social symbol of luxury and wealth. Being the owner of a genuine Rolex Explorer II timepiece is like being a permanent member of an exclusivity club. As a member, you are able to compare your Rolexes with those of your peer group.

Are Rolex Explorer II Watches An Investment?

Are Rolex Explorer II Watches An Investment?

In the last decade, investing in Rolex watches has proven profitable. However, keep in mind that Rolex Explorer II is a worthwhile investment when certain conditions are met. The first thing to remember is that simply because Rolex investment watches have done well in the past does not mean they will continue to be successful in the future. Rolex Explorer II watches, however, are worth more than their retail price due to increased global demand. Most watch brands depreciate in value over time, but Rolex holds its value better. Mainly Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex have a track record of their watches preserving their value over time.

No one can predict how the Rolex pre-owned market will move. The investment in Rolex Explorer II watches is therefore not guaranteed to yield profits.

In recent years, the Rolex pre-owned market trended broadly in line with that of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Data from the historical stock market shows as the number of years you invest in a stock increases, the risk of losing money diminishes. An insightful perspective on how to manage the risk of investing in a Rolex Explorer II watch can be gained from this investor's knowledge. You're more likely to make a good investment if you keep a Rolex Explorer II for longer. You must be willing to keep your money in your Rolex Explorer II for at least five years for your investment to appreciate in value. Despite the fact that previous achievement is no guarantee of future outcomes, given the limited supply of new models reaching the market and the high demand, it's realistic to assume Rolex's pricing trend to continue.

Why Should I Buy A Rolex Explorer II?

Why Should I Buy A Rolex Explorer II?

Rolex Explorer II is an excellent choice for many reasons. It may be for status, expressing your personality, the desire for quality, an appreciation of the symbolism, or even as a speculative investment. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to owning a Rolex Explorer II. If you buy a Rolex Explorer II, you can be confident that your timepiece will provide accurate timing for generations. In comparison to how many lesser wrist watches you are likely to buy over the years, the cost of a Rolex Explorer II suddenly seems much more reasonable. Rolex is the most recognizable luxury model brand. Rolex's success is due in large part to its excellent product quality which has endured for many years now. Timepieces by Rolex show time accurately and are not only sturdy but also reliable. One of the main reasons people purchase Rolex Explorer II watches is to be able to celebrate their achievements, to own a watch of value, to communicate that they have achieved something, to wear a history-filled vintage wristwatch, or to wear a watch with important meaning.

Rolex Explorer II timekeepers are never about fads, but rather classic designs that are equally at home in the boardroom as they are at a cocktail party. Despite their minimalist look, Rolex Explorer II models can be recognised by their distinctive trademarks. People want to buy a Rolex Explorer II for one of the following main reasons: to mark a successful accomplishment, to own a timepiece that will hold its value or demonstrate a certain level of success in a career or life. Rolex Explorer II models are an easy decision for some people who just wish to wear luxury timepieces; whatever the rationale or expense, Rolex Explorer II watches are a straightforward choice. Their wrist watches should symbolize their achievements in life, and they cannot get any more special than owning one from the most famous watch brand.

For some people, possessing a high-end Rolex Explorer II timekeeper denotes professional and personal achievement, therefore this purchase may simply be another rung on the ladder for those who seek such products at all costs.

It's also crucial to recognise that the status a Rolex Explorer II can bring can be displayed in a variety of ways, depending on your personality. Wearing a Rolex Explorer II can elevate your standing. Your timepiece underneath your shirt cuff might not be noticed depending on the circles in which you move.

Rolex Explorer II ownership is a personal experience for some people that doesn't require others' approval. It doesn't matter if anyone else notices or not, just wearing a Rolex Explorer II can boost your self-confidence and success.

Just having a Rolex Explorer II wrist watch on their wrist gives them a certain level of satisfaction. Each time you look at your Rolex Explorer II, you are reminded of whatever it signifies for you. Some people, on the other hand, are more than pleased to have someone admire their watch, especially if the watch is carefully chosen to reflect their personality or their achievements.

Can You Negotiate The Price Of A Rolex Explorer?

Can You Negotiate The Price Of A Rolex Explorer?

There is no public discount on Rolex, watch prices on Rolex Explorer II are not 'negotiable'. Authorized Rolex dealers are not permitted to discount any Rolex wristwatch publicly. Sales events and promotions are not authorized. You should have a strong relationship and a great history of Rolex purchases with a Rolex AD in order to negotiate 'privately' a price on a Rolex watch.

What is the Rolex AD's margin on Rolex Explorer II wristwatches? It has been rumored that most Rolex retailers have a 40% profit margin when they sell a Rolex watch. There is a bit higher margin for more extensive distribution networks.

A Rolex is pricey because it is so much more than a timepiece. Rolex timekeepers are the pinnacle of rich status symbols, and they are only available to those who can afford them. Other watches have been inspired by the Rolex design, although none have the same prestige as Rolex.

Overall, while the cost of an expensive Rolex wristwatch may make some people grimace at first, once the benefits of what is presented become clear, many individuals understand how far a watch can improve your image. Wearing these watches has grown in popularity in recent years.

Rolex is in such high demand around the world because it is an internationally recognised emblem of wealth and success. Rolex models are more than just a piece of jewellery for those who can afford them, and they are well worth every penny. It's a classic and timeless brand and timepiece. You must be on a long waiting list to obtain some Rolex models.

What Is The Waiting Time For A Rolex Explorer II?

What Is The Waiting Time For A Rolex Explorer II?

There is a lengthy waiting list for the Rolex Explorer II, and one can be prepared to wait at least 12 months up to 36 months. The rumor has it that there is no real queue for Rolex timekeepers. Rolex waitling list does not have turns. Rolex watches that are difficult to obtain are reserved for 'special' clients. If you are not a 'valued customer,' you may have to wait a long period at an Authorized dealer (meaning a regular big spender).

It is something that Rolex's end customers don't realize is that Rolex's authorized distribution model is highly restricted. Authorized Rolex dealers regularly face difficulties obtaining the models they need in the quantities required.

What Is The Hardest Rolex To Get? At the moment, the hardest Rolex watches to get are the Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel. When a Rolex dealer obtains a highly wanted Rolex timekeeper, store owners frequently prefer longtime customers, or people who spend a significant amount of money in their store on a regular basis. It is almost impossible for a casual customer to walk into a Rolex store and purchase a sought after Rolex timekeeper. A random buyer is usually advised by a Rolex store salesperson to purchase another 'Rolex model available 'in store'.

Rolex Waiting List Best Tip: Being nice, polite, and persistent is the rule of thumb in life as well as beating the Rolex waiting list.

Rolexes hard to get are Rolex Sky Dweller, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner and Rolex GMT-Master II. You can increase your chances of bypassing the Rolex waiting list by following these tips: Don't change your mind about which Rolex model you want. Become knowledgeable about Rolex. Make sure the Rolex authorised dealer has your purchase history. Whenever you visit an authorised Rolex dealer, dress smartly. Make your relationship with the Rolex authorised dealer a true one. Wear a Rolex timepiece when visiting a Rolex authorized dealer.

Are Rolex Explorer II Waterproof?

Are Rolex Explorer II Waterproof?

When you are about to buy or already own an expensive watch like a Rolex Explorer II, you probably want to know about water resistance and waterproofness. Waterproofness is guaranteed up to 100 meters or 300 feet for the Rolex Explorer II. Rolex timekeepers are known for their water resistance, which is one of their greatest strengths. With the creation of the first water-resistant wristwatch in 1926, Rolex has continued to improve in this field.

The company manufactures Explorer II wrist watches that are water resistant to 100 meters or 300 feet. Although they may be submerged in water, Rolex Explorer II timepieces are not ideal for diving. The Submariner from Rolex is a scuba diving watch with a water resistance of 300 meters/1000 feet.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, designed water-resistant timepieces. His invention, the Rolex Oyster timekeeper, was a significant step forward in watch water resistance. Every Rolex Explorer II model comes with an Oyster case, which keeps them water resistant up to 10 ATM/100m/300ft.

Waterproof components are used in the construction of the watch. Some manufactures utilise screws to secure their casebacks, whereas Rolex uses Oyster cases, which screw the wrist watch element into the central case. The Rolex Explorer II Oyster case compresses the gaskets to hermetically seal the model. Because of the compression of the gaskets, water is repelled from the case more effectively.

The Rolex Explorer II timekeepers include a water-resistant casing. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was concerned about the watch's resistance to water and dust. As a watch movement is sensitive to dampness and moisture, he understood that a dry and airtight case is essential.

Water-resistant watch cases were invented by Hans Wilsford in 1926 and patented under the name Oyster. The Rolex Oyster case underpins every modern Rolex Explorer II wrist watch. Every element of the case is a thread and screw down like a submarine hatch. The timepiece movements are hermetically sealed inside the case by gaskets. The system is more efficient than screw-sealed watch casings and seals them better.

The winding crown has historically been a weak point for water-resistant models. It makes no difference how waterproof the case is if there is an opening in it due to the crown stem. This opening on the side of the wrist watch case has been a challenge for timekeeper manufacturers. Water does not penetrate the stem because of the gasket around the crown.

A wrist watch's crown stem hole is the soft spot in terms of water resistance. An edge of the case has a hole through which the crown's stem is connected to the movement. The crown seal is repeatedly compressed, chafed, and stressed as the crown is constantly rotated, wound, and turned to correct the time.

Rolex Explorer II is water-resistant thanks to the revolutionary Twinlock mechanism, which outperforms the traditional crown gasket. A threaded crown and stem crown have been added to the case. Rolex's Twinlock mechanism includes threaded stems and rubber o rings for enhanced waterproofness. Inside and around the crown stem, many gaskets are squeezed.

A mechanical timepiece has a crown that has to be pulled out and rotated to operate it. It's the weak spot in timekeeper waterproofing. Water can enter through a hole in the crown stem and tube. When you unscrew the crown, the timekeeper becomes non-watertight. A Rolex can gather particles if it becomes damp or unclean. Because of its upgraded design, its crown now offers superior water resistance.

The current Rolex Explorer II has an unique Twinlock screw-down crown that is guaranteed waterproof to 100 meters. Explorer II 's twinlock winding crown is equipped with a double waterproofness system. This device is designed with two sealed zones, one inside the tube and one inside the crown. The Explorer II 's crown is guaranteed waterproof to 10 ATM/100m/300ft depth when it is screwed down. When the crown is screwed down, the Twinlock provides better water resistance than many other models on the market. As long as the Rolex Explorer II is used properly, the wristwatch will remain waterproof up to 100 meters. It's worth noting, though, that the Rolex Explorer II waterproof guarantee will need to be serviced and maintained over time.

Rolex Explorer II Swimming Pool To Do List

Rolex Explorer II Swimming Pool To Do List

Ensure that your Rolex Explorer II is still water resistant: Regularly check the waterproof condition of your Rolex Explorer II if you plan on swimming with it. Water resistance tests do not need opening the wristwatch, so you may do them without jeopardising your Rolex guarantee. The best type of waterproof test is dry pressure testing. Once a year should be sufficient to ensure that the Rolex Explorer II is waterproof.

Rinse your watch with fresh water after swimming in the sea. Rolex Explorer II saltwater is far more corrosive and damaging than freshwater. Take the time to thoroughly clean your Rolex Explorer II after a swim in the sea. Wipe any salt or sand accumulations from the crown, bezel, and case back. Don't forget to clean the bracelet and clasp.

Double-check that the winding crown of a Rolex Explorer II is properly sealed before immersing it in water. In particular, the crown should be firmly attached to the casing. The Rolex Explorer II crown must be fully inserted in order for the watch to be waterproof.

Don't adjust the Rolex time under the water When you're underwater, don't unscrew or open the crown of your Rolex Explorer II watch. The crown should never be opened or operated while submerged in water because the water resistance will be reduced.

Avoid extreme temperatures when wearing a Rolex Explorer II. The Rolex Explorer II is susceptible to rapid temperature fluctuations. You should not take a cold shower while wearing your Rolex Explorer II after spending time in a sauna. Large temperature variations put a strain on the casing and gaskets. Wristwatches could lose their water resistance if exposed to this.

Do not expose a Rolex Explorer II to harmful chemicals. Perfume and soap, for example, can damage or discolour the Rolex Explorer II. Caustic cleaning products can shorten the lifespan of gaskets. The gaskets and water resistance of Rolex Explorer II timepieces are also harmed by chlorinated water. A lot of hotels offer chlorinated swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

In the Rolex instructions manual, read and follow the Rolex waterproof guidelines. The Rolex Explorer II comes with a guidebook that explains how to operate the timepiece and how to use it properly. Follow Rolex's instructions, particularly those concerning Rolex servicing and waterproofing.

How Accurate Is A Rolex Explorer II?

How Accurate Is A Rolex Explorer II?

Rolex Explorer II Superlative Chronometers are accurate to -2/+2 seconds per day - the maximum rate variance accepted by the Rolex. In addition to obtaining the COSC certification, Rolex fine-tunes the movement until it achieves an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day. Rolex refers to this level of precision as a 'Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified'. A term that indicates this distinction is inscribed on Rolex watch dials: Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified. Rolex Explorer II watches are twice as accurate as COSC chronometers.

Chronometer is a certification for high precision watch given by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) in English the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. In Switzerland, only watches that have been certified as chronometer watches by the COSC can be termed chronometer watches. The Chronometer Institute certifies a timepiece as having a high level of precision.

To be able to be COSC certified, the watch must stay accurate within +6 and +4 seconds range per day. Spring balance oscillators are used in chronometers that pass the ISO 3159 test. For fifteen days, the test is conducted at three distinct temperatures in five different locations. With the use of a webcam, daily magnitude is captured. Seven selection criteria can be generated based on these measurements, and each one must be met.

A watch with a spring-driven escapement is necessary to be a COSC chronometer. Many other innovations are used to enhance the efficiency and precision of chronometers. Rare metals like gold, platinum, and palladium are utilised in the production of Rolex chronometers to improve timekeeping accuracy. To reduce friction and wear on pivots and escapements, jewel bearings composed of rubies and sapphires are utilised. Temperature differences cause changes in the elasticity of the balancing spring, which are compensated for via adaptive mechanisms.

How long has Rolex used Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified? Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified, defined as Rolex watches that meet or exceed current COSC standards, were first introduced by Rolex in 1951. With a further round of examination and fine-tuning, Rolex increased the COSC chronometer certification.

There is no denying the fact that a Rolex Explorer II mechanical watch is one of the most accurate watches on the market. But outside factors can affect the way it keeps time. In its reputation for precision, Rolex's Perpetual movement plays a key role. Rolex Explorer II is guaranteed to have a maximum deviation of less than -2 to +2 seconds per day. These are factors that can have an impact on the precision of your Rolex Perpetual movement, including the altitude, temperature, the amount you wear the Rolex Explorer II, and where your Rolex is stored.

However, despite the fact that mechanical movements cannot keep perfect time as compared to quartz movements, the Parachrom Hairspring manufactured by Rolex is one of the most stable and accurate ever produced. Currently, all Rolex watches do not have batteries, except for their Oysterquartz model, which was discontinued in 2001. The perpetual rotor inside keeps accurate timing by powering the movement. A Rolex Explorer II is a mechanical watch with self-winding. Watch wearers keep the perpetual movement of the Rolex Explorer II running by naturally moving their wrists. The perpetual rotor relies on the wrist movement of the wearer to keep the mainspring functioning. If you want your Rolex to remain accurate, you must wind it up properly and wear it regularly. As the Rolex is not worn, it slows down and eventually stops working. The Rolex Explorer II watch, however, has its own power reserve. You can leave the watch running for 40 hours or more without it experiencing any loss of accuracy, depending on the specific model.

Cheapest Rolex Watch Price By Collection

ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL 28 276200 Oystersteel $4,300
ROLEX AIR KING 116900 Oystersteel $7,150
ROLEX EXPLORER 124270 Oystersteel $7,200
ROLEX DATEJUST 36 126200 Oystersteel $7,250
ROLEX SUBMARINER NO DATE 124060 Oystersteel $8,950
ROLEX MILGAUSS 116400GV Oystersteel $9,150
ROLEX EXPLORER II 226570 Oystersteel $9,500
ROLEX SUBMARINER DATE 126610LN Oystersteel $10,100
ROLEX GMT-MASTER II 126710BLNR Oystersteel $10,550
ROLEX YACHT-MASTER 40 126622 Oystersteel/Platinum $10,550
ROLEX SEA-DWELLER 126600 Oystersteel $12,950
ROLEX DAYTONA 116500LN Oystersteel $14,550

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