Why Rolex GMT Master II So Expensive?

This is for you if you've ever wondered why Rolex GMT-Master II watches are so expensive. I'll go through the various reasons that make a Rolex GMT-Master II watch pricey and hard to find and how all of these factors add to the Rolex GMT-Master II price tag. This article will give you an idea of why Rolex GMT-Master II watches are pricey and worth every dollars.

Do not consider this article as advice or a guide for investment in sport watches.

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Rolex GMT-Master II

Rolex Sport Watches Are Valuable And So Expensive To Buy

Launched in 1955, The GMT-Master, created by Rolex in partnership with Pan-American Airlines, is geared toward frequent travellers and frequent time zones switching.

Rolex GMT Master is derived from the fact that pilots used the second time to display Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

A second GMT hand and 24-hour scale bidirectional bezel allow the watch to simultaneously show three different time zones.

This insert clearly indicates the day-night period for different time zones with blue and red colors.

Although Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) replaced Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in 1972 in aviation, the term GMT is still used and remains part of the name of the GMT Master.

With a new movement, the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II was unveiled in 1982 as an heir to the original model. As a result of its outstanding functionality, robustness, and instantly recognizable looks, it has attracted a wider audience of world travellers.

The Rolex Pespi Ceramic Bezel Reference Is A Statement Of Wealth

The main reason why ROLEX GMT-Master II is expensive is the fact that it's far more than just a watch. ROLEX GMT-Master II watches are a symbol of success and wealth. A Rolex GMTs is the pinnacle status symbol of wealth, and therefore a ROLEX GMT-Master II must be reserve for the wealthiest elite.

It is a symbol of wealth and success for those who can afford these watches. If a Rolex GMT-Master watch became an affordable watch, it would destroy its aura.

A Rolex GMT-Master II watch is a symbol of success, prestige and wealth. Rolexes are one of the most expensive brands on the market, ranging from $9,500 to over $38 250.

The high demand for Rolex GMT-Master II is because of this universally recognizable symbol of wealth.

For those that can afford it, owning an exquisite timepiece such as a Rolex GMT-Master II is worth every dollar spent because they will have something more than just a watch.

Rolex GMT-Master II possesses timeless elegance, design and remarkable craftsmanship, exemplifying the ultimate in luxury lifestyle.

Many celebrities, Hollywood actors and athletes have often been seen wearing their Rolex GMT-Master II on top of their formal attire at cosmopolitan events.

Rolex GMT-Master II watches are no stranger to awards ceremonies as it looks good to wear a GMT-Master at any public occasions. Rolex has established its brand as a symbol of fame and success.

Many famous people wear Rolex GMT-Master II to enhance their already high profile as Rolex watches are recognized worldwide for being symbols of achievement. This is another reason Rolex GMT-Master II is expensive and worth every penny spent because their owners will have something more than just a watch.

The appeal of the GMT-Master II among wealthy consumers has only helped contribute to making Rolexes more expensive on the pre-owned market because demand far exceeds supply.

Overall, it's true that the price tag on an expensive Rolex GMT-Master II will make some people cringe at first glance, but once the benefits behind what is offered become clear, many people realize how far one watch can go in life.

The popularity associated with wearing these watches has only increased over time because demand exceeds supply.

Rolex GMT-Master II

How Much Are The Gmt Watches Worth?

The Rolex GMT MASTER II price is ranging from $9,500 to $38,250 depending on the case material (Stainless Steel/ White Gold).

Rolex authorized dealers are no longer supply for the Rolex GMT MASTER II 116710 BLNR. The watch was discontinued by Rolex watch manufacture in 2019. Used Rolex 116710 BLNR can be found on the second-hand market, either online or at pre-owned watch retailers.

Are Rolex Sport Watches Valuable?

1. Older and vintage Rolex references hold their value.

Because demand is strong and supply is limited, the Rolex GMT-Master II is and will remain expensive, and the watch is holding its value on the secondary market.

Rolex GMT-Master II watches still keep their value more than most watches, meaning unworn Rolex GMT-Master II on the second-hand market are worth more than new in a Rolex retailer.

One of the reasons why it's so difficult to find a Rolex GMT-Master II at retail price in Rolex shops is that it's been classic.

Since Rolex GMT-Master II watches are hard to come by, they are pricey. People resell (at a profit) their unworn Rolex GMT-Master II watches as soon as they get one from a Rolex store because demand is so strong and supply is so low.

Obtaining a Rolex GMT-Master II is challenging even for those with the financial means to buy it.

Understanding how coveted Rolex GMT-Master II are is another factor in explaining why they are so expensive.

A Rolex GMT-Master II watch is not available from any watch retailer and even Rolex dealer. Any Rolex GMT-Master II watches are difficult to come by.

The vast majority of those who wear them are VIP clients of well-known Rolex retailers.

This makes finding a bargain price on a Rolex GMT-Master II and getting their hands on the reference they like even more difficult.

People are paying top dollar on the pre-owned market for these highly sought-after Rolex GMT-Master II.

Bi-Colour Ceramic bezels are in short supply.

Rolex GMT-Master II watches are in high demand, and the company ROLEX SA has opted not to raise production to keep up with demand.

Furthermore, the requirements for Rolex retailers to obtain a Rolex GMT-Master II have become more complex and costly.

The stock of Rolex GMT-Master II has been voluntarily limited by Rolex.

To obtain a single Rolex GMT-Master II, authorized Rolex dealers must purchase several other Rolex models.

As a result, the Rolex dealers keep the valuable Rolex GMT-Master II for its most valuable customers.

It's almost impossible to step into a Rolex store and purchase a Rolex GMT-Master II.

Many people have tried their luck at locating a Rolex GMT-Master II at an accredited Rolex dealer, but I'm guessing the majority of them have failed.

2. Calibers and dials craftsmanship

For a Rolex GMT-Master II to be deemed exceptional, all aspect of the watch must follow certain Rolex requirements and specifications.

a.The Iconic ceramic bezel

The most identifiable aspect of a Rolex watch is the bezel.

Rolex GMT-Master II is also known for its Cerachrom, a high-quality ceramic. The bezels on several Rolex GMT-Master II watches have become classic.

b. The metals used

The craftsmanship and materials used to create a single Rolex GMT-Master II are the obvious reasons for Rolex's high price tag.

Rolex GMT-Master II watches are expensive due to the materials used in their construction. Rolex manufactures the majority of the metal used in Rolex watches.

The Rolex GMT-Master II Waterproof are available in Rolex's Oystersteel stainless steel 904L, white gold, and gold. Rolex selects fabrics for its watches with caution because they are an important element in creating exceptional timepieces.

c. The movement parts

Every mechanism bridge, rotor, gear, watch case, crown, and dial are made of the highest-quality materials that have been carefully selected and re-evaluated to ensure their reliability and flawless aesthetics.

Rolex GMT-Master II is more expensive than most watch manufacturers because of this amount of attention to detail.

The price of a Rolex GMT-Master II depends on the amount of precious metal used and the kind of stone used, such as diamonds. The more delicate materials used in its construction, the more expensive the timepiece would be.

3. Timeless watch design

Because of its timeless design features hasn't lost its charm since it was introduced in 1955. It's one of those unusual watches that doesn't go out of style no matter what decade you're in.

Rolex has a long history of being one of the most valuable watch brands.

Rolex GMT-Master II watches are famous because of their illustrious heritage and distinctive appearance.

There is no doubt that the Rolex watch company produces the best watch in terms of all characteristics, including durability, legibility, resilience, and accuracy, making a purchase from an approved store well worth the money.

With timeless pieces like the Rolex Datejust and contemporary pieces like the Rolex Explorer II, the Rolex brand has remained a valuable Swiss watch brand for many decades.

Because of their quality craftsmanship, longevity, and dependability, Rolex GMT-Master II watches can be worn on many occasions.

Rolex GMT Master II Cerachrom Bezel

What Is A GMT Master Cerachrom Bezel?

Rolex developed the Cerachrom ceramic bezel to improve the bezel's lasting beauty and functionality when exposed to the most extreme conditions.

Cerachrom is virtually impervious to scratches. Its colour is unaffected by ultraviolet rays and keeps its lustre.

Cerachrom originates from the ancient Greek word for colour Chrom, a contraction of the word ceramic.

Watches' bezels are one of the first things people notice about them. The quality of the bezel, therefore, has a direct effect on the rest of the watch.

The Cerachrom, which Rolex uses in its GMT Master timepieces, was debuted in 2007. Cerachrom is a combination of the words ceramic and chrom, meaning color in Greek.

It introduced Cerachrom with the GMT-Master II 116710BLNR model, a first for the brand that used aluminium as the bezel insert material until then. The aluminium inserts' soft structure exposed them to scratches over the years, and they eventually lost their original color.

Ceramic bezels are designed to be both durable and attractive, but not all ceramic bezels offer the same protection, durability and beauty.

Due to their large surface areas, bezels are vulnerable to physical impacts and external factors like UV rays, and lose their flawless appearance over time.

To guard against damage, watch manufacturer take advantage of all the material available to them.

Rolex Cerachrom stands out from its competitors in terms of both durability and aesthetics with its patented ceramic production technology.

How Much Is The Cheapest Rolex GMT-Master II?

The cheapest Rolex GMT Master is priced at $9,500, it is the GMT Master II 126710BLRO Pepsi. It could be pretty hard to find it in stock at a Rolex authorized dealer. The second cheapest Rolex GMT is the 126710BLNR Batman at $9,700, also are to find in stock.

Can You Buy A Vintage Rolex Two Color Bezel Watch For $1000?

You can't buy a Rolex GMT Master at $1000. At this price it is most likely a counterfeit watch.

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