How To Sell My Omega Watch?

How Much Do Omega Watches Sell for?

Many watches manufactured by OMEGA have become iconic timepieces. In the field of precision watches, the Swiss manufacture has a strong reputation. The Omega Seamaster and Omega Speedmaster Chronograph are probably the most famous wristwatches. How much does Omega sell for? For an authorized Omega dealer price will range from $2,200 for a Seamaster Diver 300m Quartz watches to $32,000 Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Master Chrono. The special edition like the Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 11 50th Anniversary can be even more expensive. On average many Omega watches are around $8,000 to $9,000. A Preowned Omega Seamaster in good condition can usually be acquired for a budget of $5,000.

Are Omega Watches worth anything?

The short answer is most definitely yes, and here is why these watches are worthy and valuable. The manufacturing quality of the watches is on par with Rolex watches. The calibres grade is world class with a flawless reputation, and the finishing is impeccable. The original Seamaster watch was launched in 1948 and the Speedmaster watch in 1957, yet both watch designs are still contemporary.

Olympic games official chronometers and the James Bond franchise has helped the development of the Brand. Still, the use of their watches by the military and NASA established Omega as a quality precision watchmaker. It is because of its reputation that Omega has many people wanting to acquire one of their emblematic watches.

Omega popularity in the second-hand market has grown in recent years. As a result, old and vintage watches have buyers and enthusiasts looking for opportunities to acquire them. Of course, Rolex is the number one watch brand on the preowned market, but Omega has secured an enviable second place.

Rolex watchfan vs Omega wristenthusiast

In the world of watches, Rolex vs Omega is like Coca Cola vs Pepsi, or Windows vs Apple. Each side has its dedicated followers that will only buy one of the brands. The fundamental difference between the two watchmakers is the perception of each brand. Some people prefer Rolex others prefer Omega. In summary, the worldwide demand for preowned Omega watches makes them valuable.

How Much Is My Omega Watch Worth?

How much your watch is worth is probably the first thing you need to know when considering selling an Omega model. You can easily find the information on the Internet where websites are selling used Omega watches, and they can give you the value of your model in various conditions.

Omega Watch Appraisal

At this stage, you do not need to have a watch appraisal. An online search will give you the information you need about the preowned price of your model. A watch appraisal is worthwhile if you own a rare vintage Omega watch that is not frequently listed online.

Omega Watch Value Guide

The price displayed online will be the retail price for a second-hand Omega watch. That is not the price you will be able to sell your watch for because you need to include taxes and commission. Depending on how you sell your watch, you can expect to sell your watch between 15% to 30% below the price displayed.

How to get an estimation

When you have a general idea of your watch’s worth, you can start shopping around to see if a second retailer is willing to match your estimated price.

In some cases, you can get a quote over the phone, but most of the retailers will want to see the watch. Alternatively, you can send the photos you have taken to get a quote. 

What Is The Bestselling Omega Watch?

Omega, like Rolex, was not initially a luxury brand; it is only in the last few decades that the brand has become a luxury men's accessory. The bestselling watch is the professional watch by Omega, like the Seamaster Chronograph watch used by the British Army and Navy and the Speedmaster Chronograph watch use by NASA.

Among the bestselling Omega you will find:

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Probably one of the most famous chronograph watches in the world, this model is known for its accuracy, readability, and robustness. Omega Speedmaster Professionals have been on the market since 1957.

The watch was tested and selected by NASA for its space mission. Famously the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph was the first watch on the surface of the moon. As a result, the watch got the nickname 'MoonWatch.'

As the original Speedmaster Professional, the modern dial and case proportions have remained essentially the same, while the movement has changed slightly.

Omega Seamaster 300

Introduced in 1948 in reference to Omega's maritime heritage, this watch is the longest produced watch by the Swiss manufacturer. Many famous people have worn the watch, including Prince William, the actors George Clooney and Liev Schreiber, but most significantly Daniel Craig acting as the legendary British spy James Bond 007.  Pierce Brosnan first wore the watch in 1995s in the movie 007 GoldenEye, and Daniel Craig has worn it ever since.

The modern version of the watch features a 300 meters / 1000 feet water resistance.  The watch escapement coaxial movement is a highly accurate mechanism invented by British watchmaker George Daniels in the 1970s. It offers greater timekeeping precision and longer service intervals.

Can I Sell My Omega Quickly?

The brand has a large preowned market share; therefore, you can sell your Omega privately or to one of the many watch dealers. A popular collection like the Seamaster model or the Speedmaster Chronograph model will sell faster than other collections from the manufacturer, such as Constellation or DeVille. However, at the right price, an Omega will find a buyer on the secondary market. The condition of the watch will be a major factor to determine if the timepiece will fetch a high price when sold.

The demand for a used watch is strong. The Internet has made selling a luxury watch much more straightforward. Getting your watch auctioned or going to a pawnbroker is no longer the only way to get cash for your watch.

Omega are trade worthy models

You can be confident that in the current market condition, there is no doubt that you can sell your Omega watch. The challenge is to sell your watch at the best price and avoid any scam or bad experience. 

Where Can I Sell My Watch?

Sell my Omega Watch Near Me

People also ask 'where to sell my omega watch locally' because it is more convenient for them. In many cases, the solution to go into a store with your Omega watch when available. Depending on the size of the town, you will be able to find a preowned watch dealer. Rolex and Omega preowned stores are fairly common.

As a general principle, you want a buyer near you, in the same town or state. It makes the transaction more manageable and less risky. Do not sell your model to a buyer in another country even if they are willing to give you more for your watch. International transactions are more complex and involve a lot more risk. Also, sending a watch abroad can be complicated with customs and taxes.

The best way to find local second hand watch dealers is to use Google.

One of the search terms you can use is 'sell Omega watches'. The results will often include local businesses with a map and contact details. The search engine will also be able to give ratings and consumer feedback about local watch dealers. So, choose a local store with high ratings. In most cases, you can call a local store to discuss the trade and get a free quote. Before you contact them, you should know the exact Omega model you own.

Shop around is probably the best advice to get the best quote for your Omega model. As a general principle, reputable second hand dealers will have Rolex and Omega, among other luxury Swiss brands. 

Preowned Marketplace

Many online platforms have launched that specialize in selling preowned luxury timepieces. A quick online search on Google will reveal many watch brands listed with a price quote and information. As a result, when you want to sell your Omega watch, you can get an idea about its value before asking for a quote.

Getting your model listed on an online marketplace is manageable, even for the more expensive gold and diamond watch. Furthermore, communication and information exchange between you and the buyer is much more convenient.

Who Buys Omega Watches Near Me?

When you want to sell your watch, there are individuals or organisations who buy used luxury watches. Each has pros and cons.

Luxury Preowned Watch Trade Quote from a Dealer

There are companies that specialise in luxury preowned watches. They will buy and sell most Swiss brands, but many will prefer Rolex and Omega because they can be resold faster. The most important thing to know is that businesses have to add taxes and profit margins when they buy and sell second-hand luxury watches. Furthermore, because they have to stay competitive with their selling prices, they will not offer you top dollar for your watch. On the other hand, the transaction will be fast and mostly secured, as long as you trade with an established and reputable business.

Private Buyers for Watches

The most common private buyers are watch enthusiasts who want to expand their collection. Watch collectors will be ready to pay more if the watch you own is a watch that they strongly desire. For them, it is about acquiring a model missing in their collection. It does not mean they do not care about market value, but there is a bit more flexibility about prices.

You can also come across 'flippers'. It has become a rampant problem within the watch industry. For the majority of us, buying a watch is for our enjoyment. A flipper, on the other hand, purchases a watch with the motivation of making a profit. Because of it, the price negotiations can be long and end up nowhere.

You can be tempted to sell your watch directly because it is how you can maybe get the best price, but it involves trading with strangers. Online forums and social media are places where you can advertise your watch and find potential buyers. A word of caution, becoming a watch dealer for a day comes with many risks.  There is a lot of ways you can be scammed when selling a luxury watch. Professional dealers know how to spot a scam; it requires knowledge and experience. I am not a watch dealer, and I will not attempt to sell a watch to a stranger.

The risks involved are not compensated with the extra cash you can make by selling your model a somebody you meet for the first time. There are videos on YouTube on how not to get caught by scammers. If you are not an experienced watch seller, my recommendation is not to sell your watch to somebody you don't know because there's a real chance that you'll end up with nothing.

Other Omega Watch Buyers Near Me

Selling to a person you know, and trust is a good option; in my option, this is the best solution to sell your model. Someone that has perhaps admired your watch from afar whilst you've been in ownership of the watch. You can let your friends and colleagues know that you are selling your watch and see if there is an interest to buy it from you.

You can ask for a fair price closer to the second-hand retail price.

If on, your model is worth $10,000 you can offer it at $9,000 to your friend. You will get more for your model and your friend will get a good deal on an Omega model. The financial transaction will be more secure because it's a friend or a colleague you know and trust. It is also easier for them to buy a preowned watch because they trust you. The issue with selling your watch to a friend is that you will always stay connected to the watch. If anything goes wrong with it, you will get a call from your friend or colleague expecting you to sort out the issue.  It is only a matter of time, whether it be a year, a month or five years, before your friend ultimately will come back to tell you that something is wrong with the watch. The dreaded pause follows where they are kind of hinting that you need to do something about it. It is a strange thing, but I have seen it many times. In the worst case scenarios, I have seen friendship strained by such transaction.

The best way to avoid this situation is to be clear and upfront with your friend before the transaction. Explain that the model will need maintenance. Over time, an Omega watch needs to be serviced, and he will have to send it to an authorized Omega service centre. The watch service is part of owning an expensive mechanical watch.

How To Sell My Omega At The Best Price

Every preowned watch has a market value depending on the model reference and the year of production. The difference in prices between the same model is the overall condition of the model. If your watch is in poor condition with scratches and loose bracelet links, don't expect to get a top price for it. Buyers want to purchase a model that in good condition. If the condition is not great, many buyers will walk away, and the few that hang on will expect a bargain price.

The way to get the best price for your watch is to have an objective look at its condition and get your watch ready to be sold. It will be a fine balance between how much you need to spend, and the price increase you can expect in return. To get the best price for your classic or vintage watch, you want to appeal to a large number of potential buyers. Watches with the original box will sell faster than watches without boxes and having the original papers and guarantee card will be a factor in the reselling price of the watch, even if the vintage watch is no longer under warranty.

Experienced watch buyers will be ready to buy a classic or vintage watch without papers; however, the vast majority of buyers will choose a model with original papers.

How To Sell Omega: Get Ready!

To get a good price, your modern or vintage watch needs to look good; therefore, you need to prepare it.

In broad terms, a watch condition could be: Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor.
You need to determine your watch condition and the financial gain if you improve the condition of the watch. The website will have multiple vendors with different watch conditions for your model. Use the site to get an idea about the benefits of improving your watch condition before you resell it. Doing so will tell you how much you should reasonably spend to maximise your profit. 

The watch needs to be clean. Any trace of dirt or grease needs to be removed from the watch case and bracelet, either professionally or on your own. There are videos on YouTube on how to clean a luxury vintage watch and the product you need to use. 

If your watch has scratches, you can have it polished. The consensus among watch dealers are that buyers will prefer a second-hand watch without scratches, looking almost new. You can have a professional polish your watch. However, for light scratches, there are products available on amazon to do it yourself.

Packaging and Documents

Gather all the packaging and accessories you have. Make sure they are clean and dust free. If the watch has been service, have all the documents and receipts ready.

Take Clear and Sharp Photos

You do not need to be a professional photographer. A set of clear close up photos are sufficient to present your watch. Check that there is enough light when you take the photos, and there are no fingerprints on the dial. If there is a defect on your vintage watch, take a photo of it and let the buyers be aware of it. This way, the buyers know what they are purchasing. It is wise to shop around to get an average price professional buyers are willing to pay for your watch.

 A classic Chronograph is more expensive than a model without horological complications.

Can You Sell Broken Listed Omega?

A broken Omega model is still valuable; therefore, you should not discard it. In most cases, a mechanical watch can be repaired by a watchmaker. Therefore, there is a market for a broken Omega model.

In the worst case scenario, the broken watch can still be valuable and worthy for its spare parts. Original spare parts are useful to independent watchmakers to repair other watches. Therefore, if you own a broken Omega, the best place to resell it is an independent watchmaker or a watch repair company specialized in Swiss watches. Of course, do not expect a price to match the value of a model in working condition.

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