Best place to buy used Omega watches

is OMEGA watches better than Rolex?

To definitely answers this question we need to look at multiple factors, so you can decide what are the important factors for you and the factors that are less important.

Firstly, we need to understand that a noticeable part of the amount you pay for an Omega or Rolex is due to advertising, brand positioning and reseller commissions. The difference in price is not related to a substantial difference in build quality or materials used to manufacture the watch. Don't underestimate the size of commissions both Rolex and Omega are spending on their retailer's network for selling you their watches.

I own both Rolex watches and Omega watches, I can confirm that these days both brands are similar in quality. Rolex might have a small advantage regarding the watch durability with it shock-absorption on their Rolex Explorer. 

As for many watch brand, durability is also about when you are using your watch. If you wear your Omega for all your sport and outdoor activities your watch will suffer more shocks and damages compared to your Rolex that you only wear when you are going to work in your office.

All Rolex are tested by an independent organisation COSC for accuracy. the 'Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres' (COSC) will certify all of the Rolex watches and most of the Omega watches but not all. So in terms of accuracy, both Rolex and Omega are above and beyond what any watch experts will call excellence when talking about Rolex and Omega mechanical watches. 

Nowadays Rolex has totally focused their production to automatic mechanical watches, Omega is similar but still produce a few quartz watches. It is interesting to mention that Quartz watches, as we all know, are more accurate than their mechanical counterparts.

The main difference between Omega and Rolex is not on the quality of thier watches but on other factors, that can be more or less important for you. These factors are the following :

Brand Recognition

Rolex is without a doubt the most recognisable watch brand in the world.

Omega has a fairly good brand recognition but nothing like Rolex.

In the 80's you could expect to be noticed anywhere with your Rolex watch. Today, Rolex watches are so commonly worn by business people that it does not have the same effect when you stepping in a business room. Even less if you are wearing an Omega watch.

If you are looking for a watch that will turn head you may look of other brands than Rolex or Omega. Having said that Rolex watch still has the word luxury and expensive attached to it.

Resell Value

Resell Value is the element where I see a noticeable difference between Rolex and Omega. In this area Rolex out rank Omega and in fact most of the other watch brands in that matter. Because of it worldwide brand recognition Rolex watches and the fact that Luxury and Expensive is associated with the brand, Rolex have a better resell value than Omega.

Historically only a handful of Omega watches have managed to outperform Rolex resell value. Watch experts often like to say: 'Some of the best Omega watches might fetch a higher resale price than the worst Rolex model' . If resell value is important for you than Rolex is a better choice, but you will still need to do some market researches because not all Rolex perform well on the second-hand market.

In conclusion, If it is important for you to have a watch that better hold it value and get a better price when you resell it, Rolex is your brand. If you prefer Omega watches style and design be assured that you are also buying a world-class high-quality watch that will still hold most of it value.

Watch International Warranty

When it comes to International Watch Warranty, most watch brands will typically offer a 2 years warranty. Both Rolex and Omega offer 5 years warranty on all their watches with a large network of local authorised service centres that can take care of your watch if necessary. These network of authorised services centers will be handy when you need to service you Rolex or Omega every 5 years.

Omega Watch History

In 1848 a young man named Luis Brandt set up an assembly workshop in Chaux de fonds Switzerland, Where he passionately started putting together pocketwatches from components supplied by local craftsmen.

31 years later in 1879 his 2 sons started to manufacture the components and assemble the watches in their own facility.

By doing so Louis-Paul and Cesar Brandt gained control over the entire process and eliminated supply chain irregularities and quality variables.

Omega Watch Chronology

From that point on the Omega watch company has been at the forefront of technology and has set significant records and achievements in the history of watches and timekeeping:

  • 1892 - First minute repeater watch capable of sounding the hours by push of a button.
  • 1885 - Introduction of the first mass-produced watch caliber - the Labrador.
  • 1932 - First official Olympic time keeper during Los Angeles Olympic games.
  • 1932 - Introduction of the first diving watch - the Marine.
  • 1934 - Amelia Earhart's first Atlantic crossing in a airplane equipped with Omega watches.
  • 1937 - Omega launches their first line of water proof watches.
  • 1943 - Omega launches their first line of automatic watches.
  • 1948 - Launch of the Omega Seamaster.
  • 1948 - First photofinish in the Olympics using Omega time keeping system.
  • 1952 - Launch of the Omega Constellation
  • 1957 - Launch of the Omega Speedmaster.
  • 1960 - Launch of Omega Seamaster Deville.
  • 1969 - The Omega Speedmaster lands on the moon - the only watch to date to land on the moon.
  • 1970 - The Apollo 13 crew use their Omega Speedmaster watches to time the manual engine boost required for re-entry.
  • 1974 - Launch of Marine chronometer, the first wristwatch marine chronometer.
  • 1981 - Jacques Mayol uses his Omega Seamster 120 when he breaks the world free diving depth record.
  • 1999 - Omega introduces the co-axial escapement
  • 2008 - Beijing Olympics - official time keeper.

Omegas' pioneering spirit has taken them up to the Moon and down oceans' depths. It has allowed them to time the world's most important sporting events.

They have been repeatedly setting precision records and have been continuously redefining state of the art mechanical watchmaking since 1848.

Where to Buy Used Omega Watches?

In a world where e-commerce has gained ground, a quick google search should answer this question easily. However, the important question should be,” Where to buy used genuine Omega watches?” Answer? From registered businesses and private sellers.

The registered businesses can be easily found through search engines while private sellers can be found through different watch forums. You can also find people who are willing to sell on various e-commerce sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon among others.

There are registered businesses such as,,, There are also ‘offline shops’ that one can visit to make purchases such as these.

It is of utmost importance to note that in the process of making a purchase, not only do you take a good look at the watch itself, but also the sellers. Get good pictures of the watch with high resolution, arrange a visit to view the watch in person if possible. Check for reviews from previous customers and also on watch forums.

You do this to ensure you get an original and not a fake. Omega can be translated as the finale or perfection. Ensure you do all you can, so you get that ‘finale’ feeling.

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