Omega Seamaster Repair Center

Where should I service my Omega watch?

Official Omega service centres in your country are the preferred locations to have your Omega watch serviced and repair. Authorized Omega service centres have specially trained staff and the corresponding technology to repair your watch correctly. The watch restoration will be done at the standards set by the Omega manufacture in Switzerland. 

Each Omega watch comes with a five-year warranty, while watch service is not included in the OMEGA warranty, it is important to have your watch service by a Certified Omega repair and service center. If not, your Omega watch will lose its warranty.

Does Omega Repair Its Vintage Watches?

The answer to this question is, “Yes”, Omega repairs all their different product range of watches and this includes the vintage ones also and the special timepieces too. Omega watches offer different types of repairs which include complete service, restoration, and special timepieces.

The complete service would require disassembly of the watch into parts and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. After this, the components are examined for wear and tear, and the worn parts are then replaced.

The parts are then reassembled and lubricated to prevent friction. The movement parts are then adjusted to bring them up to the latest standard employed by Omega watches. The casing and the bracelet or straps are cleaned up and restored to optimum conditions while maintaining their shapes.

In the next step, the whole watch is reassembled, and they ensure it remains water-resistant and it meets up to their quality standard.

For vintage watches, the restoration option is advisable as this ensures the watch is restored to its original model.

You can search for the nearest Omega service center from their website. All repairs come with a twenty-four-month guarantee from Omega.

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