Will Rolex service a Submariner Watch Without Papers?

Will Rolex service a Submariner Watch Without Papers?

How Do Rolex Service Centers Handle Grey Market Rolex Watches?

My understanding is that Rolex Service Centers will offer service to Rolex owners bought on the grey market. Therefore if you are asking Why Does My Rolex Submariner Keep Stopping? It's good to know that it can be serviced. The grey market should not be confused with the black market. A grey market dealer sells genuine Rolex Submariner but is not an authorized Rolex dealer. The black market is where fake and stolen Rolex are sold.

As long as your grey market Rolex Submariner is 100% genuine with no parts replaced, Rolex Service Center will service it.

Do Rolex Submariner Need Papers For Servicing?

Genuine Rolex Submariner watches are serviceable without papers. It is not uncommon for Rolex owners to be without original paperwork. The Rolex Service Centers will, however, continue to service their Rolex Submariner watch. 

Why do Rolex Watch Papers exist?

With the purchase of a brand new Rolex Submariner watch, Rolex paper is a green plastic card. In appearance, it is similar to a credit card. Since Rolex documents were formerly made from paper, the term 'Rolex documents' is still commonly used.

A Rolex card serves as an identification card for watches. In addition to the model number, the serial number is listed as well. This card contains information about the Rolex dealer and the date of purchase. Additionally, the warranty of the Rolex Submariner is confirmed. All Rolex Submariner watches come with an individual card. If the Rolex Submariner does not have documentation, Rolex will service it.

Where can I obtain Rolex Submariner papers if they are no longer available?

No Rolex green plastic cards will be replaced if they are lost or stolen. Therefore, it is possible for the Rolex Submariner papers to not be available for legitimate reasons. But, it is still possible to have Rolex Service Centers service your Rolex Submariner.

The serial number of Rolex watch

Rolex Submariner watches have the serial number visible on the side of the oyster case. In order to identify the model and movement, the case is engraved with numbers. The serial number of the watch is also included. Identifying a Rolex Submariner by its serial number provides a tracking history of its original configuration.

Rolex Submariner Watch Authentication

Rolex Service Centres inspect the Rolex Dates serial numbers prior to servicing them. Including the date of the service's registration, the history of the service will also be accessible.

An Rolex Service Centre can access a database to find out if a Rolex Submariner was stolen or lost. The watch may be kept if they learn it has been stolen.

An examination of the watch will determine whether or not it is a genuine Rolex Submariner. Rolex will not service watches modified by third parties or watches that have been serviced by someone else.

When you don't have the original papers, it is important to know if an independent watchmaker provided service or modification to your Rolex Submariner. Furthermore, finding out where it was purchased and who was previously the owner is a good idea. If you have any documentation regarding its acquisition, this can be helpful.

The Rolex Submariner will be serviced if the timepiece was original and authentic, not modified, or reported stolen.

How Rolex Submariner Watches With No Papers Are Serviced

The procedures for Rolex Service Centers will be the same for a Rolex Submariner without papers just like any other Rolex purchased from a dealer. If you are wondering about the cost, then read this article How Much to Service a Rolex Submariner?

This is what you can expect from a Rolex service.

1. Removal the Rolex Submariner watch from the watch case and bracelet

To disassemble the Rolex Submariner watch, first the watchmaker remove the band, then open the Oyster case and remove the internal mechanism. Watch case and bracelet are taken apart. The movement is removed from the case after it has been opened. Throughout the dismantling process, all components are individually taken out.

2. Cleaning the perpetual movements of Rolex Submariner

The movement of the Rolex Submariner is cleaned in the ultrasonic machine. A special formulated solution is used to ultrasonically clean each component of the movement. Rolex watches are thoroughly cleaned under this procedure, all residues, dirt, grease, chemicals, etc are washed away.

3. Replacement of Rolex worn out components

Watchmakers at Rolex carefully examine every component of the movement to determine which components need to be replaced. Rolex Headquarters in Switzerland supplies genuine replacement parts.

New components are installed to replace the old watch parts. It may be necessary to replace other components, such as the mainspring.

On a vintage Rolex Submariner, you should be cautious when replacing parts.

During full service appointments, your vintage Rolex Submariner will be serviced and any worn or broken parts will be replaced with modern parts. Rolex's modern watches does not use vintage glass made exclusively in a particular era. When worn, a Rolex watchmaker will replace an aged crystal with a new one. On the collector's market, a vintage Rolex Submariner might be less valuable if it does not have the original component.

In order to have a vintage or old Rolex Submariner repaired or serviced, you need to provide clear instructions to the Rolex Service Center about the replacements parts you are willing to accept.

4. Lubricating the Oyster Perpetual movement and reassembling it

Lubrication is a complex and intricate process. The functional components of the movement are carefully lubricated with an advanced lubricant to minimise friction and prevent wear. Getting your Rolex timepiece serviced regularly will ensure that its movement continues to function correctly.

5. Rolex Caliber Timing & Calibration

A Rolex watch's core movement is its balance wheel, which beats over 690,000 times a day. Each balance wheel is carefully adjusted and the timing accuracy is checked electronically by the watchmaker. Several days later, the Rolex is thoroughly examined and tested again to ensure it continues to function as it should. Tracking the calibration is imperative to ensure the 690,000 beats per day are accurate.

Monitoring the calibration over many days is necessary. Calibration is performed on both a flat surface as well as a sidedial facing down and upwards. The Rolex Submariner must keep time correctly with +2/-2 seconds range per 24 hours, to pass Rolex calibrations standards.

6. Polishing the Rolex Case and Bracelet.

In servicing your Rolex case and bracelet, the same attention to detail is devoted to servicing its movement. They clean and examine your watch's case and bracelet, and replace any parts that are worn or damaged with genuine Rolex components. A professional restorer then expertly refinishes your case and bracelet to provide it with a new luster.

A polish on a Rolex Submariner makes it appear like it's brand new. While small scratches will disapeared, deep scratches cannot be completely removed.

Depending on personal preference, Rolex Submariners can be polished or left unpolished.

For some, Rolex's service refinishing process erases the history of their watch, even though it is thought of as world-class. A scratch or a knock can become a precious memory for someone. It is up to you to decide how much polishing you wish to have to your Rolex Submariner.

If you don't want to have your Rolex Submariner polished during the service you need to inform the Rolex Service Center at the start of the service.

7. Rebuilding the Rolex Submariner

All the seals are replaced to guarantee waterproofness, and the case is carefully reassembled. Gaskets are wearable components that are automatically replaced during routine maintenance on Rolex Submariner watches. Re-assembling your Rolex watch in a Rolex Service Center will be done to the same standards as the Swiss factories.

8. Inspecting Rolex seals and determining water resistance

The water-resistance of watch cases is rigorously tested. Tests such as vacuum, compression, and condensation could be performed to detect any leaks inside the case.

Any watch can be damaged by moisture and dust. An Oyster case is a waterproof case for Rolex watches. You will receive back a Rolex Submariner case and gasket that are tested in the same manner the factory tested the Rolex.

9. Rolex Final Quality Control

The Swiss manufacturer's quality standards are followed by Rolex Service Centers as well.

Every stage of the servicing process is subject to rigorous quality checks. To ensure the highest level of quality, the Rolex Service Center verify the power reserve, timing accuracy, and aesthetic appearance of your watch one last time against manufacturers' specifications.

10. Rolex offers a two-year service warranty

Rolex's international warranty covers all Rolex Service Centers work. The Rolex Submariner watch is covered by a 2-year warranty if it has been serviced. The watch is not covered by the guarantee if damaged by accident or mishandling. In the event of non-Rolex authorized third party intervention or addition of non-Rolex parts, Rolex service guarantees are void.

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